CHAPTER REVEAL — Forget Me Not By Willow Winters

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I fell in love with a boy a long time ago. I was only a small girl. Scared and frightened, I was taken from my home and held against my will. His father hurt me, but he protected me and kept me safe as best he could. Until I left him. I ran the first chance I got and even though I knew he wasn’t behind me, I didn’t stop. The branches lashed out at me, punishing me for leaving him in the hands of a monster. I’ve never felt such guilt in my life. Although I survived, the boy ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Absinthe By Winter Renshaw

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The name on the screen was “Absinthe.”I knew her as the sultry voice blowing up my phone for late night chats about Proust and Hemingway interspersed between the best phone sex I never knew I could have. We’d never met. Until the day she walked into my office, her cherry lips wrapped around a candy apple sucker and an all too familiar voice that said, “They said you wanted to see me, Principal Hawthorne?”   Coming August 8th Prologue Ford“You wanted to see me, Principal Hawthorne?” I know that voice. I’d know it anywhere. Glancing up from my desk, I ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — So Good By Nicola Rendell

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Coming August 7th iBooks Amazon Nook Kobo     On the roof of a house outside Truelove, Maine, master carpenter Max Doyle looks down through a skylight and sees the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. She’s naked, she’s gorgeous, and everything about her is perfect, down to the ball-busting tattoo of a rose that wraps around her hip. But it isn’t just any woman making his knees buckle. It’s his best friend, Rosie Madden. And as he stands there, mesmerized and precariously close to toppling off the roof, he knows he’ll never, ever be able to look ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Something So Perfect By Natasha Madison

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Pre-order exclusively via iBooks Coming July 31st     Matthew Drafted first round pick when I was seventeen, playing first line at eighteen, branded NHL’s bad boy at nineteen. At twenty-three I was cut from the team and living back home with my parents. A knock on the door brought an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. All I had to do was prove I learned from my mistakes, so no way would I fall for a chick with a pouty mouth even if I wanted to spend all day devouring it.Karrie When my father gave me a job, I had ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — A Losing Battle By Annie Stone

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Hunter has left home to join the Marine Corps, leaving Mackenzie behind, confused and unsure about her feelings. She loves Carter, she really, really does, but could there be a spark between her and Hunter, as well? Mackenzie does the only thing she can in the circumstances: she buries her conflicting emotions in her work. But when she sees Hunter again, she knows the time for a decision has come. Little does she know, time is running out for the both of them.     Coming July 24th   Hunter When we get out off the bus at Marine Corps ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Blood Enemy By Mina Carter

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 Coming June 27th Feral doesn’t do babies. Or pixies. So when someone dumps a pixie baby of all things on his doorstep, he does the only thing he can think of. He tries to palm it off on someone else. Unfortunately his neighbor is out of town, leaving her sister, Tessa, to house-sit. Her single and disturbingly attractive sister. Which leaves Feral with a couple of problems, especially when a bunch of pixie ninja wannabes break into the place and try to steal the baby. Does he turn his back on the pixies, a race he’s always hated… or will ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Country Nights By Winter Renshaw

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   Sixty country days and sixty country nights—that’s all I wanted. I needed to get away from the city, away from the hot mess that had become my life. When I stumbled upon my childhood home on, I took it as a sign, cleaned out my life savings, and hightailed it to the only place that ever meant something to me, a place I hadn’t seen since a lifetime ago. Only when I arrived to the familiar South Dakotan farmhouse, I was met by a brooding, we-don’t-take-kindly-to-strangers cowboy by the name of River McCray, who insisted this was his ….

COVER REVEAL — Country Nights By Winter Renshaw

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 Sixty country days and sixty country nights—that’s all I wanted. I needed to get away from the city, away from the hot mess that had become my life. When I stumbled upon my childhood home on, I took it as a sign, cleaned out my life savings, and hightailed it to the only place that ever meant something to me, a place I hadn’t seen since a lifetime ago. Only when I arrived to the familiar South Dakotan farmhouse, I was met by a brooding, we-don’t-take-kindly-to-strangers cowboy by the name of River McCray, who insisted this was his house ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Unforgiven By Willow Winters

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Amazon iBooks Nook     The sins of his past can’t be forgiven. Mason Thatcher gave me chills when I first laid eyes on him. The good kind. The kind that makes your body ache and your heart hammer. What’s better is that he looked at me the same way. There was a hunger in his eyes that wouldn’t be sated, and a confidence in his stride that told me I could never run from him. Back then, I didn’t want to. It’s not fair that his touch eased my pain. That his lips on mine made my worries vanish. ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Blood Sacrifice By Mina Carter

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Coming June 13th   Whatever else he was, she had to admit he had guts. She wouldn’t want to be shut up in a room with an angry Kyn either. While his pixie heritage might have protected him from being turned into a vampire, it did bugger all to protect him from being dead.The only vampire warioress in existence Vixen has spent most of her life proving herself in a man’s world, but she’s never been able to squash some very feminine thoughts where fellow warrior Kalen is concerned. Kalen however, has sworn off love, preferring to deal in lust ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — An Unlikely Bride By Nadia Lee

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Coming June 13th  Amazon iBooks Nook Kobo Google Play AVA The meek shall inherit the earth, they say. Bullshit. Look at me now. What do I have? Nothing. I thought I wouldn’t get past a second heartbreak. I was wrong. I never should’ve closed myself off in tears when Lucas told me he loved me. I should’ve had faith he wouldn’t betray me. Regaining his love will mean throwing away my pride, my armor and laying myself completely bare. I have to trust that he won’t crush me at my most vulnerable. The attempt will leave me bleeding. It might ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — A Fighting Chance By Annie Stone

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Coming June 5th When Mackenzie meets Carter, it’s love at first sight. They have a blissful year together before trouble arrives. In the form of Carter’s two teenage sons.   When Hunter and Carey decide they want to live with their father in California, Mackenzie knows right away that she’s in for a tough time. And she couldn’t be more right.   The two boys show her on a daily basis that she’s not good enough for their dad. In fact, they make it quite clear their lives would be better without her. But could it be that Hunter has ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Roommates With Benefits By Nicole Williams

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Coming June 5th Pre-order exclusively via iBooks HERE   Soren Decker. He’s the epitome of the “bad boy, good man” persona. The best of both worlds. The worst of them too. He’s the type of guy most girls would not mind sharing a confined space with, except my new roommate isn’t all swagger and chiseled abs. He’s bossy. Messy. Cocky. Infuriating. Doesn’t believe in personal space. Has no qualms about roaming the apartment with a loincloth-sized towel cinched around his waist. Seems under the delusion he’s my personal protector (refer back to infuriating). He plays college baseball and holds down ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — When Life Happened By Jewel E. Ann

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When Life Happened, an all-new standalone romance from Jewel E. Ann is coming June 5th! When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann Publication Date: June 5th, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance   SYNOPSIS Parker Cruse despises cheaters. It might have something to do with her boyfriend sleeping with her twin sister. After a wedding day prank involving a strong laxative, that ends the already severed relationship between the twins, Parker decides to grow up and act twenty-six. Step One: Move out of her parents’ house. Step Two: Find a job. Opportunity strikes when she meets her new neighbor, Gus Westman. He’s ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — At His Mercy By Shelly Bell

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Amazon Nook Kobo iBooks   Angel in his arms . . . Devil at her heels One last, no-strings night of indulgence. That’s all Tristan wants before he begins a much-needed new chapter in his life. Instead he finds an innocent angel in pink who brings him to his knees.Isabella is done hiding from the world . . . and her haunting memories. Discovering courage in the arms of a perfect stranger, she finally lets go and sheds her inhibitions.To Isabella’s shock, she soon learns that Tristan is more than her mystery man-he’s her professor. But Tristan isn’t the only ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Worth The Ride By Casey Peeler

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Coming May 22nd Pre-order Exclusively via iBooks     Single father, Weston Parker is set in his ways, and raising his daughter is his top priority. But his ten-year-old feisty little girl is growing up faster than he ever realized. Her go-getter attitude is one he’s seen before–mainly on himself. When she starts trading in her ponytails for makeup, Weston realizes he just might be in over his head. Dedicated and driven veterinarian, Timber Sellers always knew that she’d head back home, but she wasn’t quite ready for it to happen so soon. Running into the stubborn and bossy Weston ….

CHAPTER/COVER REVEAL — Close the Tab By Chelsea Camaron

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 Title: Close the Tab Series: Devil’s Due MC #3 Author: Chelsea Camaron Genre: MC Romance Release Date: May 30, 2017 Cover: Cover Me Darling SYNOPSIS  The system created to serve and protect failed him. The domino effect of one person’s crime going unpunished has no boundaries. He’s no saint. Bladen ‘Judge’ Jones rides to escape the firm hand of his past. When home is a nightmare, the unknown suddenly isn’t so frightening. Riding with his brothers, the Devil’s Due MC, is more support than he has ever had in his lifetime. She’s not afraid to call herself a sinner. Tamalyn Andrews ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Trigger By JL Drake

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 Title: Trigger Series: Devil’s Reach Book 1 Author: JL Drake Genre: MC Romance Release Date: May 16, 2017 Publisher: Limitless Publishing Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Designed     PREORDER   SYNOPSIS I was raised by the Devil himself. Formed into a man that was unreachable. I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger. Killing is the only thing the calms the itch. The demons inside were a constant battle.…until she changed everything. When you spend most of your time in the dark, is it smart to step into the light?     CHAPTER REVEAL  Trigger Devil’s Reach, Book 1 J. L. ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Scarred (Ruthless Rebels MC #3) By Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele

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 Title: Scarred Series: Ruthless Rebels MC #3 Author: Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele Genre: MC Romance Release Date: May 19, 2017   READ CHAPTER ONE Scarred   (Ruthless Rebels MC Book 3)   Co-written by:   Chelsea Camaron   And   Ryan Michele   Copyright © Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele 2017     All Rights Reserved. This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction in whole or in part, without express written permission from Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele.     This is a work of fiction. ….

COVER REVEAL — Cloudy Mirrors By Shane Robert

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Cloudy Mirrors by Shane Robert A Standalone Novel Romantic Suspense Novel Releasing June 5th! Cover Designer:  Concierge Literary Designs & Photography   SYNOPSIS Addiction—I can’t beat it without you; I can’t beat it with you.   When I’m with you, I’m addicted. The way you taste, feel, and burn will forever be my favorite.   The way you messed my life up is exactly what I asked for.   I had the perfect life but was starving for something more.   Then I met you.   A perfect disaster I couldn’t get enough of no matter what the cost.   ….

CHAPTER REVEAL — Exodus By Kylie Hillman

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Coming April 11th   iBOOKS GOOGLE PLAY BARNES & NOBLE KOBO Amazon   Xander Barrett had it all. Until it was stolen by the devil. His life. His lover. His freedom.A chance encounter secures his release. But, it comes at a cost–a debt he must settle before he’s allowed to take his revenge.Luckily, it’s a price he’s willing to pay.Stripping a man of everything but his pride isn’t smart. It creates a monster that’s bigger and meaner than the original. Satan has spawned his match, and he’s ready to cause an exodus.DISCLAIMER: This story contains triggering content and is not ….