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Title: King Of Hearts (Deuces Wild Book 1) Author: Irish Winters Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 24, 2016 Synopsis Tucker Chase. FBI agent and tough-as-they-come ex-Navy SEAL, Tucker’s take-all-comers attitude attracts trouble on the job and off, but he still gets the hard jobs done. He makes no bones about being the baddest ass on the planet—until his ex-wife runs off to Vietnam with his only son. Until the woman he won’t admit to loving leaves on some humanitarian mission to who knows where. Until he has to ask for help… Melissa McCormack. Widow to one of America’s finest ….

COVER REVEAL — AwKWarD, Victoria by Emme Burton

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Title: AWKwaRd, Victoria Author: Emme Burton Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: January 3, 2017 Cover Design: Okay Creations Synopsis Merde! That’s exactly what Max Devereux’s former life was-pure crap. He’s re-invented himself. Now he’s the Premier Danseur and Choreographer at the hottest ballet company in Chicago. He’s also a premier player. All the dancers know it. Moving from girl to girl. Bed to bed. No one has ever compelled him to be faithful. No one has ever felt like home. His stunning boss and artistic director, Mariette Gallant, bets him he’ll be in love in three months. The prize if ….

COVER REVEAL — Offensive Rebound by MJ Fields

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From USA Today Bestselling author, MJ Fields, comes Offensive Rebound: Holding Court Pre-order on the following retailers for a January 15th release! Nook: Kobo: Add to your TBR: **Amazon will be a live release** Blurb Courtney Cohen When my father died I inherited the Bad News Bears of the NBA, the Seattle Stallions. To add insult to injury my ex-fiancé, Brock was the team’s star point guard. The only reason I haven’t jumped ship yet is because prior to my father, Charlie Cohen, dying I learned he recruited a baller who was going to make the Seattle Stallions ….

COVER REVEAL — If I Dream by K.M. Scott

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   Title: If I Dream Series: Corrupted Love #1 Author: K.M. Scott Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Sara Eirew Cover Model: Mike Chabot Release Date: January 24, 2017   Blurb If I dream, will you dare?All I wanted was my freedom. It’s all I’d dreamed of from the first time I stood in the ring. Until I entered Robert Erickson’s world. Until Serena. Cruelty and ugliness surrounded me, but she was beautiful and good. I wanted to protect her from her father’s world, even though I knew being with her could mean the end of me. I wanted for ….

COVER RE-REVEAL & BOX SET RELEASE BLITZ — Sugartown: The Collection by Carmen Jenner

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  Title: Sugartown: The Collection Series: Sugartown Series Author: Carmen Jenner Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Be Designs  Release Date: November 16, 2016   PHOTO CREDITS Sugartown: The Collection: Wander Aguiar Welcome to Sugartown: Perrywinkle Photography Enjoy Your Stay: Sara Eirew Greetings From Sugartown: Perrywinkle Photography Now Leaving Sugartown: Sara Eirew    Blurb Box set contains over 307,400 words, 123 chapters, and two bonus Sugartown short stories.  One would assume life in quiet Australian Sugartown would be sweet, but you know what they say about assumptions. Between a hotter than hell, tattooed, biker sex god, run-ins with the club, rock ….

RELEASE BLITZ — When It Hits The Fan by Victoria Colotta

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***   Sometimes the hardest lesson you have to learn is that you can’t control everything. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that it will all be okay in the end. Camilla Valentini is a planner. Ever since she could write, she would sit down and compose lists of her daily to do’s, her goals, and her dreams. These lists have taken her through most of her life and served her well. She is living in the city that she loves, has a job that pays the bills or at least most of them, and ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Colt by Jacqueline Sinclair

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Title: COLT Series: Demons of Destruction Book 1 Author: Jacqueline M. Sinclair Genre: MC Romance Release Date: November 16, 2016 Colt Johnson Looking at me today, you’d never know me as the man I used to be. This time last year, I was steps away from the NFL, but a phone call from my mother changed everything. “You make them pay. Every last one of them.” My dad had been murdered, left to die in a filthy, roadside bathroom. I was consumed with a hate so strong that I gave up everything to join his brothers. Now I’m a fully patched ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Never Hold Back By J.A. Essen

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Title: Never Hold Back (First Responders #2) Author: J.A. Essen Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 16, 2016 Synopsis Loss. We all have to live through it. We all have to figure out how to move past it and continue to live. Rachel – Spoiled, little blonde rich girl with no grip on the real world. No grip until an accident puts her in a public hospital with ‘real world’ people. When the officer that shows up to take her statement turns out to be the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on, Rachel is pulled into his life and ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Tremble by Alison Foster

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  Title: TREMBLE Author: Alison Foster Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense Release Date: November 15, 2016   Not everything sounds good when you say it. Some things sound, well, just wrong. Like saying I hired a male escort to be my fiancé leading into (yeah, this is sounding bad) marriage, a fake marriage, one about money. See, that did not sound good at all, but you’ll have to just trust me on this, that was the innocent part of the story. You know, the sunny bit before the fall. Because the rest of this story cannot be described in polite company. ….

99c ANNIVERSARY SALE — S.O.B, A Stepbrother Romance By J.C. Valentine

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S.O.B, A Stepbrother Romance By J.C. Valentine Publication Date: November 10, 2016 Genres: Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance BUY Amazon (99c or #FREE with #KindleUnlimited): Paperback: Amazon CA: Amazon UK:   Synopsis Levi Black is an s.o.b.Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he’s a pretentious, obnoxious, womanizing jacka** who thinks the world revolves around him. He wouldn’t be wrong. A famous soccer player, his skills on and off the field have won him medals, trophies, women, and the cover of every heartthrob magazine in the country. He’s broken nearly every bone in his ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Filthy Rich by Raine Miller

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Are you ready for Caleb Blackstone? Filthy Rich by Raine Miller is NOW AVAILABLE! #BlackstoneDynasty PURCHASE LINKS Amazon US: Amazon UK: Paperback: Audible: BLURB Billionaire Caleb Blackstone lives in the glamorous world of wealth and success, with every material luxury. But the moment he sees Brooke Casterley, none of that matters. Caleb is filled with a raw, undeniable need that he can’t ignore…for a girl who is so completely different from everything and everyone he’s ever known. Only Brooke isn’t looking for love. She knows all too well just how much damage the wrong guy can ….

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Crazy for You by Heatherly Bell

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 Title: Crazy for You Series: Starlight Hill #7 Author: Heatherly Bell Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 15, 2016   Blurb Fallon McQueen needs a date to a wedding…yesterday. The pickings at the speed dating events she’s attended are slim indeed. She has someone very specific in mind…And then she meets…Santa Claus. Jack Cooper was simply trying to do a good deed and now he has a hot but crazy blonde asking him to be her date to a destination wedding. But if Jack is going to help, they’re going to do it his way…   ADD TO GOODREADS   Purchase ….

BLOG TOUR — Dirty Sexy Sinner by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

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Dirty Sexy Sinner by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde Publication Date: November 8th, 2016 Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis Are you ready to get in bed with a SINNER? After a lifetime of lies, deceit and betrayal, Jackson Stone isn’t a man who trusts easily—with women being at the top of the list. Now he’s all about control in every aspect of his life. Especially between the sheets. Hot, mutual pleasure with a woman? No problem, as long as he’s in charge. But there’s something different about sexy bartender Tara Kent that he finds irresistible, in bed and out. Something that ….

RELEASE BLITZ — His to Cherish by Stacey Lynn

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His to Cherish by Stacey Lynn Series: Fireside #3 Publication Date: November 15th, 2016 Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Loveswept Synopsis Can two hearts entwined by hardship move on to form a healthy bond? From the author of His to Love and His to Protect, this tender, bittersweet romance brings together a man who loses everything—and a woman with everything to give. Chelsea Dwyer arrives home from her job at the middle-school library in Latham Hills, Michigan, expecting another quiet evening—until she hears the screams for help through her living room window. As the first witness to a terrible accident involving ….

COVER REVEAL — Unwrapped by Callie Harper

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Title: Unwrapped Author: Callie Harper Genre: Erotic Romance Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Release Date: December 7, 2016   Blurb Jack and Hannah have their hands full planning a giant NYC holiday charity party with rock stars to wrangle and celebrities to dress. Hannah’s completely sworn ofF men. Jack has enough going on without a ball-busting, tattooed siren rocking his world. They need to keep their hands off each other. But the holidays have a funny way of getting a whole lot of crazy. There’s what you plan, and then there’s what happens. And some presents are too damn good ….

BLOG TOUR — Forever Charmed by Dawn Chartier

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Forever Charmed By Dawn Chartier Vieux Carré Witch Sister #3 Publication Date: November 7, 2016 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Covet, Paranormal Romance BUY Amazon: Amazon CA: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: B&N: Kobo: iBooks:   Synopsis  Rose Morgeaux is a healer, not a killer, so training to fight is the last thing she wants to do. And if going against everything she believes in isn’t bad enough, she has to do it with the eyes of the dark and handsome Callahan McCray on her back.Cal’s seen the work of Warlocks firsthand when one killed his ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Collecting The Pieces by L. A. Fiore

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***   At fifteen I fell in love. His name was Jake Stephens and he took the abandoned, lonely girl I had been and made me whole. His love was a pure and unconditional love that made every day better than the last…a fairy tale of my very own. But this story isn’t about Jake. It’s about Abel Madden; the man I meet after the fairy tale goes to hell. A cocky, arrogant man who says what he wants, does as he pleases, and makes no excuses for it. He irritates me—downright pisses me off at times—but he also brings ….

RELEASE BLITZ — The Boyfriend Whisperer by Linda Budzinski

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  The Boyfriend Whisperer Linda Budzinski Published by: Swoon Romance Publication date: November 15th 2016 Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports BLURB As President and CEO of Boyfriend Whisperer Enterprises, Lexi Malloy is Grand View High School’s undercover Cupid. One problem: She’s stuck in the friend zone when it comes to her own crush, Chris Broder. She and Chris have been best friends since the third grade, and he doesn’t even seem to realize she’s is a member of the opposite sex. When pretty and popular cheerleader Lindsay LaRouche hires Lexi to whisper Chris, she has to decide whether to place her ….

PREORDER BLITZ — Reckless Conduct by Brandy Ayers

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  Title: Reckless Conduct Series: Blue Line Book One Author: Brandy Ayers Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 22, 2016 He burned her once… Sophie Gallo has survived a lot in her twenty-three years. Both parents gone, dreams abandoned, and a heart shattered. But she came out on the other side stronger than ever. Then, one night with Luke in her bed… on her kitchen table… against the wall… made Sophie feel alive again. Right up until he ran before the bed stopped shaking. Seeing him every day at the Middleburg Police Station, thanks to her job as the office manager, ….

ARC REVIEW — The Christmas Tree By Allyson Charles

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Title: The Christmas Tree Series: Pineville Author: Allyson Charles Genre: Romance, Holiday, Contemporary Publisher: Lyrical Shine Release Date: November 22, 2016 Format: Ebook Pages: 234 Source: NetGalley ARC DECORATING WITH THE GRINCH   It was one little fender bender. Sadie was only in picturesque Pineville, Michigan, for a day, trying to handle the ramshackle house her grandmother left her and juggle the sale of her failing design business at the same time. Her debtors don’t care that it’s almost Christmas. But then neither does the big bad contractor whose truck got squashed.   Colt McCoy might be the least festive ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

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Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg is NOW LIVE PURCHASE LINKS Amazon US: Amazon UK: Paperback: iBooks: B&N: Kobo: Audible: BLURB It all started with the invitation. To my ex- fiance’s new wedding. I should have ignored it.Thrown it away. Set it afire. But I didn’t. I replied. With a plus one. And then my assistant accidentally mailed it. Enter Hayes Whitley. Mega-movie star. The man who has captured the hearts of millions. But I gave him mine years ago. He was my first love. He was my everything. Right until he up and ….