RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Siren Enslaved By Lexi BLake

April 25, 2018 Eve1972 0

  ~SYNOPSIS~ Re-released in a second edition with new scenes. Julian Lodge has everything a man could want. He’s rich, successful and owns the most exclusive club in Dallas. But something is missing. Finn Taylor has worked his way up in the world from humble beginnings in Willow Fork, Texas. The only thing he still loves in his hometown is Danielle Bay. He never told her he was actually bisexual, and he never confessed his love for her. Now she’s getting married, and Finn is sure he’s lost his chance with the only person he’ll ever love. Julian’s vacation to ….

COVER REVEAL — The Billionaire’s Bargain By Riley Love

March 21, 2018 Eve1972 0

Today we are celebrating the cover reveal for THE BILLIONAIRE’S BARGAIN by Riley Love. This is an erotic romance title and it will release on March 28th. Sign up for Riley’s newsletter for exclusive details!   THE BILLIONAIRE’S BARGAIN by Riley Love Coming on March 28th   ~SYNOPSIS~ An MMF Billionaire Virgin Romance When Caitriona Patrick shows up at the sex club I own to auction off her virginity, she’s my darkest fantasy wrapped up in a beautiful, innocent package. I’m ready to offer more than what I’ve bought and paid for, except something is holding me back … and ….

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Three To Ride By Lexi Blake

March 21, 2018 Eve1972 0

    ~SYNOPSIS~ Re-released in a second edition with two new chapters and additional new content. Rachel Swift is a woman on the run. A stalker sent Rachel’s world reeling. Now she’s running for her life, and Bliss, CO, seems like the perfect place to hide. Bliss is a strange little town, filled with artists, nudists, and the occasional conspiracy nut. It’s a good place to start over. Max and Rye are just the men to catch her. Horse trainer Max and Sheriff Rye gave up on their dream of finding one perfect woman to share long ago. Rachel walks ….

RELEASE BLITZ — War of Hearts By Julia Sykes

January 30, 2018 Eve1972 0

  WAR OF HEARTS by Julia Sykes is NOW AVAILABLE!     ~PURCHASE~ Amazon ➙ iBooks ➙ Nook ➙ This book will go into KU today! Grab it on other platforms while you can!   ~SYNOPSIS~ A Standalone Menage Romance from Julia Sykes   I was meant to be theirs: Joseph, my sweet first love, and Marco, his dark and dangerous best friend. After Marco steals me away one night, Joseph is waiting for me. They say they can’t let me go, or their enemies might hurt me. They both want me. Together. The three of us. ….

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Siren In The City By Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak

January 24, 2018 Eve1972 0

  ~SYNOPSIS~ Re-released in a second edition with new scenes. Jack and Sam married Abby. It was supposed to be for forever, but lately Abby wonders where her alpha male has gone. Jack has retreated and life has become decidedly vanilla. It isn’t the true marriage she and Sam wanted. Sam and Abby know the time has come to fight for what they need. A call from his mentor forces Jack to revisit the club where he discovered his sexuality. Jack’s half-brother is in the city and interested in a little blackmail. Can Jack handle two defiant subs and a ….

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Small Town Siren By Lexi Blake

January 9, 2018 Eve1972 0

    ~SYNOPSIS~ Re-released in a second edition with a prologue and three new chapters. Two cowboys looking for love… Jack Barnes and Sam Fleetwood met in foster care. Over the years, they’ve become best friends and partners. They share a business as cattle ranchers and a house. There’s only one thing missing: a woman to share. The men are sure they’ve found that woman when Abigail Moore arrives in their small town, Willow Fork, TX. A woman trying to find her place in the world… Abby left her hometown twenty years before under a cloud of scandal. She’s raised ….

COVER REVEAL — War of Hearts By Julia Sykes

December 29, 2017 Eve1972 1

  This dark romance will entice & enrapture you! War of Hearts by Julia Sykes is releasing on January 30th CHECK OUT THE COVER! Genre: Dark Romance Menage     ~PRE-ORDER NOW~ Amazon ➙ iBooks ➙ Barnes & Noble ➙   ~SYNOPSIS~ I met Marco once before the night he took me. He’d been dark and unquestionably dangerous, and alluring in a way I didn’t allow myself to contemplate. I’d clung to Joseph, looking to my first love to protect me from his intimidating best friend. Then Joseph left me, alone and broken; vulnerable to enemies I ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Blackmail By Anna James Watson

September 21, 2017 Eve1972 0

🗝🗝🗝 🗝🗝🗝 Mia Winters was a perfectly normal junior at Yale University. Until she accidentally witnessed a secret lovers’ rendezvous. Now, blackmailed into silence, a sexual hunger has awoken inside of her, and there’s only one way to satiate it–but she’s not sure she wants to. Of course, Julian Roth, her gorgeous and brilliant T.A., and Tristan Masters, her equally gorgeous but loathsome classmate, may not give her a choice. The closer she gets to them, the more she is drawn into the world of old money, family dynasties, and secret societies–all worlds she never intended to discover. Will she ….

COVER REVEAL — Sugar By Misti Murphy

July 19, 2017 Eve1972 0

  Title: Sugar  Author: Misti Murphy Genre: Menage Romance      I’m just a girl, standing in front of a display case, trying to decide between chocolate and cupcakes.  Seriously decadent, panty soaking, melt in your mouth chocolate. The ultimate love drug. Or… The cupcake with its smooth, sweet icing, its gooey center, and cream that spurts out when you… Wait! You thought this was actually about sweets? Well kinda, but it’s also about men. Two of them. Gabe and Dylan. Friends. Business partners. One charming chocolatier, one brash baker. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to want either of ….

COVER REVEAL — Harem By Abby Angel

July 18, 2017 Eve1972 0

Title: Harem  Author: Abby Angel Genre: An MFMM Romance              Madame_angel [10:25 AM] *All y’all doing these MFM menages are so totally missing out. Three guys are so much better than just two…*  I mean, spice it up, add an extra M into the MFM. Make it MFMM. Extra pair of hands. Extra pair of lips. An extra uhm.…well, you know wink: Like what woman doesn’t wanna get totally consumed by three big dudes that just put her on a pedestal and take her to paradise? Just focused entirely on her and making sure she’s ….

RELEASE BLITZ — 24 Inches By Alexis Angel

July 7, 2017 Eve1972 0

   Title: 24 Inches  Author: Alexis Angel  Genre: Romance                What’s better than one foot of man meat inside of you?Well, how about two?Anders Carter and Logan Kane. We’re two of the baddest cover models in the entire romance market.Whether it’s my 8 pack abs or his rugged face, no woman is immune from either of us.But then…she comes into the picture. Lana Hartley.Now all of a sudden we’re playing her game. Trying to jump through her hoops…competing with each other.She’s something else entirely. Strong. Sexy. Sassy.And her big question is…why have one, when ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Their Virgin Nanny By SC Daiko

May 24, 2017 Eve1972 0

Title: Their Virgin Nanny Author: SC Daiko Genre: Contemporary/Menage Romance Release Date: May 24, 2017 SYNOPSIS  Two super-hot daddies + one willing girl = sparks ELERI Working as a nanny in an exclusive London borough for two bisexual alphas is my dream job. Except Gabe and Luke are so damn hot they’re making me think dirty thoughts. I can’t have them, though… it would be totally outta line. And they couldn’t possibly be interested in a twenty-two-year-old virgin like me. I should give my V card to someone else, right?   GABE AND LUKE Sweet, innocent Eleri doesn’t realize how ….

BLOG TOUR — The Billionaires (Lover’s Triangle #1) By Calista Fox

April 3, 2017 Eve1972 0

PURCHASE NOW Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million Indie Bound Powell’s   SYNOPSIS 100 Shades of Sin… In The Billionaires, Calista Fox delivers a sexy and sensuous friends-to-lovers tale with a delicious love triangle twist. Jewel Catalano, Rogen Angelini, and Vin D’Angelo had been childhood best friends, spending every possible moment with one another. Rogen became her first love, the first one to show her what pleasure could be. Until a volatile feud erupted between their powerful California wine country families and she and Rogen were torn apart from each other. What she didn’t expect was to find comfort and passion ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Taking Turns by JA Huss

January 23, 2017 Eve1972 1

Title: Taking Turns Series: Turning #1 Author: JA Huss Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense Release Date: January 18, 2017   Blurb Chella plays the game of Taking Turns with three men as she comes to terms with her sexuality. I’ve never been afraid of the dark…but that doesn’t mean I wanted to live in it. And maybe everyone wants what they can’t have, but I should’ve thought it over before I accepted the key and unlocked the door to their forbidden world. Number One is mostly silent. He watches me with them very carefully. His gaze never wanders. His interest never ….

RELEASE BLITZ — Four Real by Alyssa Turner

December 5, 2016 Eve1972 0

Title: Four Real Author: Alyssa Turner Genre: MFMM Ménage and More Publisher: Self-Published Release Date: 12/5/16 Blurb Her love is greedy.  Their love is infinite. MFMM – Ménage and More   Hill, Pete, Marty and Tricia spent their youth trying to get famous. Eight years later it’s time to see if they can get back together in the only way that counts. Take the fame, the fortune, the girls beating down his door…Hill just wants the woman he loves back in his life, and he doesn’t mind sharing with his two best friends.  Her love is greedy.  Their love is infinite ….

PRE-ORDER — Four Real By Alyssa Turner

November 26, 2016 Eve1972 0

Title: Four Real Author: Alyssa Turner Genre: MFMM Ménage and More Release Date: 12/5/16 Add To Goodreads Pre-Order Now BLURB Her love was greedy.  Their love was infinite. Lead singer of the start-up band Four Real, Tricia Donahue left her hometown with one question. How can you love three men at once? She’s convinced herself that it can’t be done—not without living up to her family’s infamous reputation. Now, years later, lead guitarist Michael Hill is touring with world famous TRE, far removed from the small town band he once called his family. Home will never be the same until ….

ARC REVIEW — Frostbitten by Charlotte Stein

November 18, 2016 Eve1972 0

Title: Frostbitten Series: 2016 Holiday Charity Bundle Author: Charlotte Stein Genre: Romance, Erotica, Paranormal Publisher: Riptide Release Date: Nov 28, 2016 Format: Ebook Pages: 110 Source: NetGalley ARC Shy nurse Cora both dreads and lives for the moments she sees Zeke, an orderly at the hospital where she works. Zeke is too handsome, too compelling, too much, and seems totally unaware of Cora. But before she can bring herself to his attention, an explosion rips through the hospital Christmas party. Zeke has noticed Cora—in fact, he’s so irresistibly drawn to her that he saves her from the explosion by turning ….

REVIEW — Dangerous Curves Ahead by Tymber Dalton

October 16, 2016 Eve1972 0

Title: Dangerous Curves Ahead Series: Suncoast Society #38 Author: Tymber Dalton Genre: Erotica, BDSM, Romance Publisher: Siren Publishing Release Date: October 10th 2016 Format: Ebook Pages: 228 Source: Siren-BookStrand Dr. Justin Rede has just graduated college…and just come out of the closet. During a trip to Florida to visit his sister, Rachel, and her fiancé, Andrew, they introduce Justin to their kinky friends in hopes they can help talk Justin into moving from South Dakota to sunny Sarasota. Including hunky older, experienced Doms, Wade and Glen. Wade and Glen are newly married since the marriage ban fell, but have been ….

Savage Beast is LIVE!

September 25, 2016 Eve1972 0

Warning: Taboo, ménage, dirty talk, hot as f*ck. Jade I dated a mobster. A monster. A maniac. He left me scarred, marred and done with men in general. The last thing I need is another man in the very same lifestyle. I might let Cole Savage into my bedroom, but I can’t let him into my heart. Cole She’s been hurt before. She thinks I’ll hurt her again. Problem is, I’m not the one who is trying to hurt her. Her ex-boyfriend is a part of the Lucky Lucianos, an up-and-coming Italian mafia in New York city. He thought he ….

HUGE X3: A MFMM Menage Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

July 14, 2016 Eve1972 0

BLURB Imagine getting a chance to live out your filthiest fantasies. Would you take it? I dream about twins; four hands, two mouths and two other things HUGE enough to blow my mind. So when a set of deliciously sexy identical brothers suddenly appear in my small town nightclub, I don’t know what to do. Should I take the gift that fate is offering? They look like Bryan; the man I’ve been secretly in love with for years. Maybe that’s why I end up blindfolded in their pool house, discovering reality is a whole lot more stimulating than fantasy. It’s ….

Sugar Daddies by Jade West

July 13, 2016 Eve1972 0

BLURB A sugar daddy website doesn’t seem a sound basis for an A1 life plan, but I’m a small town girl with big dreams, and there’s this one advert, this one crazy advert I can’t stop thinking about… Two hot guys seeking their Little Miss Right. Someone who can entertain them, amuse them, fit in with their corporate schedule. And sex. They want sex. Lots of sex. Bonus, right? One major dose of epic win. Of course, guys like Carl and Rick have their conditions. One being that they come together, or not at all. Hell, I can live with ….