Taking Whatever He Wants: The Cline Brothers of Colorado by C.M. Steele



Shane was trying to keep a foolish promise he made to his brother. It was going just fine until Sonya appeared in his life. Breaking his resolve and his oath to be with her, he ends up regretting having met her when he believes that she wasn’t all he thought she was.

Sonya McCartney hadn’t expected the rude Shane to make her crazy with lust. Falling into bed with him turned out to be a huge mistake when he leaves her.

When he’s learned he made a mistake, can he win Sonya back?



Well color me surprised I really enjoyed this one…

The writing was decent. The characters were likable. Shane was a HUGE asshole at the beginning, but it worked for me. Even the stupid misunderstanding caused by lack of communication (a HUGE pet peeve of mine) worked for me in this one.


So why not four stars. I wanted Shane to have to grovel more. He didn’t grovel nearly enough for this habitual grudge holder. Sonya fell right back into his arms lickay split. Beings as this is one of those “super short insta-love” books I guess time was limited in how much appoiliging he could do. But as I felt it drug a little after they got married with not a whole lot happening. I kind of wish the author would have spent less time on the mundane married life stuff, and more on Shane working to get Sonya back.

That’s life I guess..



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