The Firework Exploded (The Holidays, #3) by Tara Sivec



Sam and Noel’s whirlwind Christmas romance shot through Valentine’s Day and is exploding on the Fourth of July!

“You should get married on the 4th,” they said. “It will be so romantic,” they said.

Did you know that during a pyrotechnic display, a single firework travels 481 feet per second and can take out a small village? Did you know it can also singe the ball hair off of any man standing within a mile radius of said-pyrotechnic display (and singed ball hair smells a lot like a sh*t-filled baby diaper that’s been lit on fire), and it can make a vintage wedding dress go up in flames like a barn full of dry hay?

Yeah, me either…


Although I didn’t love this one as much as I did the first two (this one seemed to drag a little) this is still one HELL of a funny series.

“This is what Bev used to do back in the day when Lucifer’s Waterfall was upon us every month, he continues quietly. She’d get me all docile and relaxed, and then BAM! She’d whittled a shiv out of a spatula and had it against my neck because I left the toilet seat up.”

“I love you, Mrs. Holiday-Stocking, more than anything.”

As much as I love Noel and Sam, it is really the secondary characters that make these books shine, and this one was no exception. I laughed my butt off too many times to count. I really hope this isn’t the last we hear from Sam&Noel and their crazy family and friends.

Well worth the read.




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