AMAZON TOUR & REVIEW — I Broke Into His Office By Jessica Frances

Title: I Broke Into His Office
Series: Love at Frist Crime Series
Author: Jessica Frances
Genre: M/M Romantic Suspense Standalone
Release Date: December 17, 2017


 He broke into his office and had his heart stolen in return. 
I broke into his office,
But I didn’t have a choice.
So what if he is good-looking?
So what if he is single?
So what if he is my type?
Why should it worry me that he could easily overpower me?
Who cares if what I’m doing is wrong and illegal?
I can’t second-guess myself, even if there is the possibility of more between us.
The risk is too great.
The threat all too real.
Unfortunately, my life is about to implode,
And the least of my problems is an irate private investigator.
When old threats return,
And new threats—mainly four scary women—attack,
The best thing I can do is just keep my head down and ride it out.
Then, why can’t I stop thinking about him?
Why do I find him so irresistible?
And what happens if I make one mistake and lose him forever?
Because this is quickly becoming far more than either of us could have ever imagined,
And the life and death stakes mean neither of us can mess up.
I can’t believe breaking into his office has led to all this.
 Then again, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.





“It’s dark out here,” he grumbles.
I feel a little warmer hearing the concern in his voice.
“I make sure all the workers leave in groups. No one is allowed to walk out here alone, and we have an open group chat where everyone writes in once they get home safely,” I assure him, never having a problem in the four years I have had this restaurant. Everyone knows my rules. Even the lunch staff adhere to them.
“How about you?” he asks, tightening his arm around my shoulders.
“I sometimes leave with the others, but …” I give a small shrug. “I only live around the corner,” I finally explain.
I understand why Harvey is bringing this up since he’s all about protection and noticing dangers, but what I don’t expect is that the one night I walk home with Harvey is also the night we are jumped.
Hands grip us both, separating us as three dark shapes surround us. I barely see a thing before a foot connects with my knee and I lose my balance. Then I’m kicked in the chest, losing my breath, only to then be hit in the face hard enough to see stars.
I try to think through my panic, my body shaking as I hold up my hands to protect my face from the next hit, but it doesn’t help when I’m dragged backward and thrown into a wall.
My back hits the hard surface before I collapse. The snow soaks into my clothes as I feel a surge of anger rush through me.
I leap to my feet and clock the guy who threw me. He clearly isn’t expecting it and is furious when I make contact. However, he is built like a tank, and though I do knock his face to the side, his actual body doesn’t move an inch. My hand, marginally protected by my glove, aches from the impact.
I gulp, feeling way over my head, and spare a glance to Harvey, who seems to be holding his own better than I am, fighting two men.
The next second, I’m shoved back against the wall, a hand over my throat. He isn’t holding me tight enough to choke me, just forcing me to stay in place.
I kick the guy in the shins, attempting to knee his groin, but he leans back. Then something sharp scrapes my cheek, and I freeze.
“What do you want?” I wheeze out, still struggling to breathe after the hit to the chest. “My wallet is in my pocket,” I offer, dread building inside me when I consider this is a mugging.
“I’m not after your money,” the man snarls, his face in shadows.
“What do you want, then?”
“See your boyfriend over there?” he asks, leaning back so I see Harvey on the ground, one man holding him down while another punches him in the gut.
“Let him go!” I shout, fearful because he’s no longer fighting.
“He had a hit out on him—a hundred large for anyone who could kill him—but that disappeared a few hours ago,” he explains while I struggle to follow. “Mr. Conway wiped the hit off. But he wanted you to see how easy it is to get to you both. He wanted you to see how simple it would be for me to take this knife”—he drags the sharp edge across my cheek, cutting me and causing warm liquid to spill down my face—“and shove it through his heart.”
“No,” I beg, to which he laughs like he finds this conversation amusing.
“Don’t worry, little fairy; your boyfriend isn’t dead … yet.” His voice turns sharp.
I hold my breath, waiting to hear what the condition is, because I know there is going to be one.
“Mr. Conway is going to call you soon. Make sure you answer it.” With that, he pushes off me, and I collapse back down to my ass. He whistles at the other two men, and they step away from Harvey, who immediately curls into a ball, groaning. Then they all sprint out of the parking lot and out of sight as I try to get my shit together.



Born and raised in South Australia, Jessica spends her days working in a bakery, afternoons catching up on lost sleep, and nights reading and writing. Writing has always been a passion of hers, however, it wasn’t until recently that she decided to put pen to paper and make things official.



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descriptiondescription descriptionI’ve really been enjoying this series (mostly). Books one and two were good, book three I didn’t really love all that much. That said, I ADORED Harvey in that book so I was super excited to read this one. Not to mention it is an M/M book and I love a good M/M book. Well, let me say this one turned out to be my favorite book of the entire series. If it weren’t for two (one small, one HUGE) issues I would have given it a 5-Star rating. The author really kicked up her game with this one.
descriptionI found this one to be well written and well paced. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. This whole series has a bit of a KA ROCK CHICK feel to it I love. I didn’t find it particularly angsty. Harvey and Nix dance around each other a bit at the start but they soon settle into a “relationship” of sorts. There was a bit of OM drama. Most of the books so far have been fairly tame, but this one was SMOKIN’ HOT and we get down to the business pretty quickly. This was a nice change of pace from previous books and I think really added a bit extra to the story. Again we have a great cast of supporting characters. I love the whole women group. I loved when they were all drunk with Nix. They are a funny (if maybe a little annoying at times) bunch. All the couples from the previous books make an appearance, plus a couple of characters we meet for the first time. So speaking of secondary characters, I HATED Teagan in this book. She doesn’t even get a lot of page space but every time she did she was being a judgy bitch towards Nix. I get it, Harvey is your BFF and you don’t want him hurt but lighten the f@ck up already. And you know what is even funnier? She doesn’t even say much of anything. She just shot “disapproving” looks at him every time they were in the same room. Gah…such a tiny thing but it drove me up the damn wall! 
descriptionBoth main characters were extremely likable. I already knew I would love Harvey, and I did. He was dominating. He was sweet. He was smokin’ hot. But again as with all the other books in the series, I wish this author would write dual POVs. It wasn’t as noticeable as with the previous book but I would have liked to have gotten into Harvey’s head a bit. I think books that have duel POVs always seem to have a more complete feel to them. But like I said, I didn’t feel completely disconnected from Harvey as I did with Joey. Nix was also a really great hero. He was smokin’ hot as well. He was sweet. He was tough. He had smokin’ on page chemistry with Harvey. Last, it was all wrapped up in an OK ending and here is where I had the MAJOR issue with this book. The ending. I finished the chapter before the epilogue and the couple hadn’t (HIGHLIGHT TEXT FOR SPOILER) said any I LOVE YOU’S. So I thought for sure that would happen in the epilogue which takes place one year later. Nope. Nothing. I was super disappointed. Now to be fair, I can’t remember if this was also the case in the previous books (I don’t think it was) but If it was I didn’t notice it. It left me feeling a bit letdown. I wanted to hear those words and I also think Nix needed to hear those words.  Also, I am not sure if this is the final book in the series or not. If it is, I would have expected something a little more detailed about all the couples to wrap up the series nicely. But maybe the author is writing more books. 

Even with those little issues, I found this one to be the best of the series there yours truly will give it two HUGE thumbs up.description


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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. I’m so happy you were able to connect with Nix and Harvey! Also love the GIF you included! *fans self* lol. I really appreciate your support and honesty of this whole series, you are awesome! There are three more planned books, and the final one is going to have something special, which will be a nice send off for everyone in the series. They will each have their moment to shine. Thank you, thank you!!! X

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