AMAZON TOUR & REVIEW — I Burned Down His House By Jessica Frances

Title: I Burned Down His House
Series: Love at Frist Crime Series
Author: Jessica Frances
Genre: NA Romance/Suspense
Release Date: November 28, 2017



She burned his house down, so he lit a fire between them that she could never extinguish. 
So, I burned his house down.
It was an accident.
I mean, technically, the dog did it.
Well, the dog helped me to do it.
Did I mention it was an accident?
When circumstances mean I suddenly have a new housemate,
A man who is my ultimate fantasy,
And my entire world is turned upside down by new friends,
And a dog who likes to get me into trouble,
I have to wonder how my life got so crazy.
Add in my neighbor, who is under investigation;
Some unfinished business from the past, which just won’t go away;
Interfering family, who don’t know when to stop;
And mixed signals, making me wonder if fantasies really can come true,
And you have my new, hectic, crazy life.
But, when things take a dangerous turn,
And lives are on the line,
Will we all make it through in one piece?
Or is everything destined to crumble down around us?
Who would have thought that burning down a house would change everything so much?
Then again, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.




Trying not to feel like a loser that I have Joey’s number memorized, I dial, hoping like hell he picks up. It has to be in the incredibly early hours of morning, so there is every chance, if he hasn’t come home yet, it’s because he’s out with someone and won’t answer.

After five, drawn-out, torturous rings, he finally picks up.
“What?” he grumbles. I can’t tell if I woke him up, or if he’s just annoyed to be disturbed.
“Hey, Joey, it’s Teagan—”
I pause, annoyed I’m so forgettable he can’t remember who he gave his house key to! “Teagan Bevon, the woman who lives next door?”
“Oh … Oh!” There is finally recognition in his voice. “Right. Look, Teags”—he sounds so distracted I don’t think he even noticed he gave me a nickname—“I’m kinda busy—”
“—so I’ll just see you later—”
“Wait!” I cry out, afraid I will hear the dial tone any second.

“Actually, you probably won’t see me later. I’m going to be—”

“I BURNED YOUR HOUSE DOWN!” I scream into the phone and am finally met with silence. “Joey?” I whisper, fearful he already hung up.

“Can you repeat that for me?” he finally gasps out.

“I …” Now I feel nervous. “I … umm … I accidently”—I use too much emphasis on the word, making me sound extra guilty—“burned down your house.”

“Are you okay?”
My heart skips a beat. I just told this man that I burned down his house and his first thought is if I’m okay?
“Some smoke inhalation, but nothing serious. I’m so sorry about your things—”

“How about Karma?”
“Karma got out fine. She’s with the Glovers,” So … maybe she’s not okay. The almost ninety-year-old couple may not be quite at the same speed as Karma.
As he sighs in relief, my hands begin to shake again. 
“Joey, I’m so sorry.”



Born and raised in South Australia, Jessica spends her days working in a bakery, afternoons catching up on lost sleep, and nights reading and writing. Writing has always been a passion of hers, however, it wasn’t until recently that she decided to put pen to paper and make things official.



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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptionUnfortunately, this one was my least favorite of the series so far. I have mentioned before I am pretty much over the uber manwhore hero character in romance books and Joey was our resident whore. I hate it even more when the heroine has had a front row seat to his whoring ways and his past is brought up ad nauseum throughout the book. Both of which were the case in this one. On top of that this book needed chapters devoted to Joey’s POV. It is incredibly hard to connect with a character if you do not understand what he is thinking. He has lived next to Teagan for six months. Six months in which he has had a constant stream of women coming and going. Six months were Teagan has been helping him out with his dog. When she calls him after the house incident he doesn’t even recognize her name, then BAM he is all into her?? Why? When did his feelings change? I never felt a connection between these two because one half of them was a cardboard cutout mystery. 
descriptionThat said, I still enjoyed the writing. The pace was fairly good. The plot was engaging and held my interest. It wasn’t angsty in the least. There wasn’t any OW drama per se, but we repeatedly hear about his whoring ways. The heroine even gets to see photos of him with OW (yuck). There was also a bit of OM drama. None of the books in this series are particularly spicy, and this one was no different. The real gem in these books are the side characters. Couples from previous books play a fairly significant role in this one and we are introduced to Harvey (whose M/M book is up next) and I am looking forward to that book. Like I mentioned above I wasn’t crazy about this couple. I didn’t like or connect with Joey and that affected how I felt overall about them. Teagan was a good heroine though. She was funny and sweet and I loved how she claimed Harvey as her BFF. Last, it was all wrapped up in a sweet epilogue that gives us a little peek at what’s coming up for Harvey and whoever has caught his eye. So yea, I was a little disappointed in this one, but I am sticking with the series and have my fingers crossed that the next book will WOW me a little more. This one gets a thumbs up from yours truly.descriptiondescription

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  1. Thank you for signing up for the review tour and for taking the time to read I Burned Down His House. I appreciate your support throughout this whole series, and for all the many authors you support on your blog. You are awesome! <3

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