AMAZON TOUR & REVIEW — I Knocked Him Out By Jessica Frances

Title: I Knocked Him Out
Series: Love at First Crime #2
Author: Jessica Frances
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 31, 2017 




She knocked him out, so he knocked down her walls…

 He has irritated me ever since we were kids.
He is overprotective. 
A complete jerk.
So, I knocked him out.
It was an accident.
I felt terrible … mostly.
It changed things between us.
Life for us both got more complicated.
Add in a stalker who has decided to take an interest in me,
And suddenly our worlds are turned upside-down.
Can things really change between us so fast?
Or are we just making a bigger mess than what we started with?
I think that hit to the head might have knocked things loose for both of us.
Because, from the moment I knocked him out, we saw each other differently.
As some people say, there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.




“You hit me!” he accuses.

“You sneaked up on me!” I snap back.

This is always the way between Declan and me, ever since we were kids. He never speaks to me normally or casually. He’s always angry, aggravated, or annoyed. The three As.

“I was calling your name; you just weren’t paying attention.” He says this like I’m the only person in the world to ever be lost in my thoughts.

“Well then, good call on coming up close to me while I was punching the shit out of this stupid bag,” I retort, already sensing any warm feelings that had started to work their way up from a guilty conscience disappearing.

“God, you’re annoying.” He shakes his head now, wiping his wet face with his T-shirt. My eyes betray me by peeking at Declan’s toned abs.

Stupid, smoking hot jerk.

“Ditto. Now, is there a reason you’re annoying me right now? Or are you just trying to fill your quota for the day and we’re a little behind?” I ask, shaking my head to get myself back in the game. Getting distracted while Declan is in one of these moods just means more insults with me looking like a fish out of water in response.

“I just wanted to tell you that you’re going to be late if you don’t leave soon.”

“Is that all?” I roll my eyes at him, something I’m aware annoys him to extremes. “I do know how to read a clock, you know.”

He narrows his eyes on me. Their blue color might be an exact match for a sunny, blue sky, yet I only ever see storm clouds directed at me.




Born and raised in South Australia, Jessica spends her days working in a bakery, afternoons catching up on lost sleep, and nights reading and writing. Writing has always been a passion of hers, however, it wasn’t until recently that she decided to put pen to paper and make things official.



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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptionI quite enjoyed book one of this series, but I’ll admit I was a little reluctant to give this one a go. I’m not a HUGE fan of friends to lover books (or frenemies to lovers as was the case in this one) but I did end up enjoying it. Not as much as book one mind you, but that was mostly due to the hero. Declan was a HUGE judgy douchehole if ever there was one. It made NO sense to me how he could have known her since they were kids (18 years). Hung out together. Worked together and yet knew NOTHING about her? Surely their friends talked about her living situation? Or the fact she didn’t speak to her parents? When she bought her house? Not to mention the fact that Declan dated and lived with a woman for two years and Sasha had NO clue? He never ONCE in two years brought her around to get-togethers?? Unfortunately, the implausibility that these two have known each other for so long and being so closely tied together through this group of people yet apparently remaining totally clueless about EVERYTHING stretched the believability and that ultimately took a little something away from my enjoyment. Hence my slightly lower rating.
descriptionAside from that issue, I thought it was well written and paced. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. It had humor (the nursing home ladies *lol*). There was no angst or OW/OM drama and much to my disappointment, basically no sex. Just one mild scene at 88%. I adore this little group of characters. Their friendships. The girl posse. It reminds me of my favorite series (Rock Chicks). It was also great catching up with Ava and Zander from book one. And I REALLY want to know who Jerry is! Both the main characters were (reasonably) likable. Sasha was awesome. Sassy. Smart. Big-hearted. Declan was…OK. I usually like my heroes more alpha and Declan was a BETA all the way. That said, he did grow on me as the book progressed. And by the end, he managed to win me over. But the first 35%ish were rough. He was way too much of a judgy douche. Lastly, it was all wrapped up in a sweet little epilogue that wrapped things up perfectly. All in all, this gets a solid thumb and a half from yours truly.description


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