ARC REVIEW — Dark Corners (True Heroes #3) by A.M. Madden

Dark Corners Book Cover Dark Corners
A True Heroes
A. M. Madden
Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
November 8, 2016
NetGalley ARC

A real hero can protect and serve, but a true hero knows how to love.

Love is war when shadows play games with the heart. In this thrilling romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Stone Walls and Glass Ceilings, a decorated veteran facing the darkest battlefield finds a guiding light to trust and tenderness.

David Cavello is no longer in uniform, but the memories of combat still haunt his every waking moment. Driven to protect and serve, he accepts an undercover job he has to keep hidden from everyone. But David’s mission goes against orders the second he makes contact with gorgeous and spirited Maygen Whitney. The intense attraction he feels for Maygen drives him crazy—almost as crazy as he feels about hiding information from her.

After growing up with an overprotective father, Maygen feels like she’s finally claiming her independence. Sure, she’s been lonely, but David seems to make all her dreams come deliciously true—until the sting of betrayal sends her world spiraling. Now Maygen’s caught in a tragic web of lies, leaving her more vulnerable than ever to an enemy hidden in the shadows. But when Maygen most needs a hero, David leaps into action—intent on doing whatever it takes to save the woman he loves.




David Cavello is no longer in uniform, but he is reminded every day of the horrors of war. Suffering PTSD he tries to learn live with his demons. That is until the day a job has him literally running into a beautiful blonde name Maygen.

For some reason, this little blonde calms his nerves and helps his PTSD. David knows getting closer to her is dangerous, especially when the secrets he is keeping would have her running from his arms. When the truth comes to light David is left alone with his regret and Maygen is left picking up the pieces of her heart.

Can Maygen find it in her heart to forgive and take a second chance on David, or will the sting of his betrayal stay with her forever?


While I enjoyed this book a lot, it just didn’t pack the emotional punch I was hoping for. It was well written for sure. The characters were likable. I really felt for David and all his issues with PTSD. We also have a nice cast of secondary characters (the couple from the previous book feature heavily in this one). There is some nice relationship angst without any OW/OM drama.

My problem was that is just seemed to DRAG on, and on. I found my mind wandering A LOT through the middle of this one. My other issue was the mystery part just never seemed fully developed. Just from reading the blurb you can easily figure out what the betrayal is going to be, so when it came it wasn’t a surprise at all. The following stalker storyline almost felt thrown in to justify the betrayal. I just never bought into it. Not to mention I felt it was wrapped up pretty darn easily.

Overall, I enjoyed the writing and the characters and just wish it had been a bit shorter and the stalker storyline more developed.


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