ARC REVIEW — Something Borrowed By Eve Dangerfield

Something Borrowed Book Cover Something Borrowed
Eve Dangerfield
Romance, Contemporary
Limitless Publishing LLC
February 7, 2017
Author ARC Request

Going to an eight-day tropical wedding sounds great, right?
Elle Sahlstrom hates weddings, but she promised her best friend Tory she'd attend her destination ceremony. That is, despite having to endure obnoxious cousins, bad wine, and a phallus-laden bachelorette party. But that’s not the worst part.
The worst part just happened to be sitting next to her on the plane, on his way to the same wedding, guaranteed to be the same insufferable jerk he was years ago.
Jackson Proveaux knows Elle hates him with a passion, but it’s that same passion that has him convinced she’s perfect for him. Unfortunately, he made mistakes in the past, mistakes that involved cocktails, out of control minivans, and a giant misunderstanding that cost him his one and only shot with Elle. The French expat sees the wedding as a chance to atone for his sins. He offers to spend a week at Elle's mercy, and if she still hates him at the end, he’ll leave her alone forever.
Unable to resist a win-win deal, or Jackson, Elle agrees. Their arrangement quickly becomes more complicated than either of them could have anticipated. The grumpy environmentalist never thought Jackson would be able to make her laugh, and he didn’t count on the hot-headed beauty dominating him in the bedroom…or the fact that he'd like it.
A fiery temper, two sets of handcuffs and copious amounts of tequila are guaranteed to make this situation complicated. As the lovers become more entwined in each other’s lives and hearts, one question remains—will their truce survive the wedding, or are they living on borrowed time?

descriptionThis is a pretty good cover. It’s not the best representation of what the story is about, but the guy is hot! The typography is different and interesting as well as being eye-catching.description

description How did I end up reading two books featuring DOMMES in as many days? I don’t even particularly LIKE Dommes…go figure.

With that said I very much did enjoy this book. This is my second by this author, and I simply love the way she weaves a story. This one was very well-written. It was nicely paced. It was HILARIOUS at times. It had a likable hero (even if he was a former asshole of the highest order.) The heroine was OK for me. I didn’t hate her but she got on my nerves a few times. It wasn’t so much her being a Domme, I just found her bitchy a lot of the time and holding onto to a grudge for something that yes was a douche move on Jackson’s part, but they were not in a relationship or had any type of commitment. She had just bloody meet the guy. She acted like he kicked puppies in his spare time. We also get a nice array of secondary characters as well that added a nice layer to the story.

Overall this was yet another cracking good read by this author, and I look forward to reading what she has up her sleeve next. Two thumbs up from yours truly.description


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