ARC REVIEW — Something Borrowed By Eve Dangerfield

descriptionThis is a pretty good cover. It’s not the best representation of what the story is about, but the guy is hot! The typography is different and interesting as well as being eye-catching.description

description How did I end up reading two books featuring DOMMES in as many days? I don’t even particularly LIKE Dommes…go figure.

With that said I very much did enjoy this book. This is my second by this author, and I simply love the way she weaves a story. This one was very well-written. It was nicely paced. It was HILARIOUS at times. It had a likable hero (even if he was a former asshole of the highest order.) The heroine was OK for me. I didn’t hate her but she got on my nerves a few times. It wasn’t so much her being a Domme, I just found her bitchy a lot of the time and holding onto to a grudge for something that yes was a douche move on Jackson’s part, but they were not in a relationship or had any type of commitment. She had just bloody meet the guy. She acted like he kicked puppies in his spare time. We also get a nice array of secondary characters as well that added a nice layer to the story.

Overall this was yet another cracking good read by this author, and I look forward to reading what she has up her sleeve next. Two thumbs up from yours truly.description


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