ARC REVIEW — Sweet Victory (Fighting for Love, #4) by Gina L. Maxwell

descriptiondescriptionYou know it’s weird. Sometimes certain situations will annoy the hell out of me in stories and at other times they won’t even register on my radar. This is one of those times where I was turned off by the way the author presented the hero. First, we have a heroine that has watched OW coming and going from our hero’s apartment ALL THE TIME. On top of that, we get to hear the hero thinking all about how he is attracted to the heroine and continued to fuck OW and picture it was her during the sex. Neither probably would have bothered me overly much except for the fact that there was NOTHING stopping him from asking the heroine out if as his inner thoughts suggested he was SOOOO into her! It just left me thinking this hero was a bit of a disgusting douche to be honest.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I will say that I did end up really enjoying this one. The writing was great. The story moved along at a nice clip. The sex scenes were HOT. The secondary characters were great. Once Xander and Sophie got married they were both devoted to the other and watching their relationship develop was really sweet. There was a tiny bit of OW drama and a little bit of angst. The epilogue was super cute and if you have read the previous books (I have not and this stands up fine as a standalone) it will wrap up this series (I assume this is the last book) with a nice little HEA bow.


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