ARC REVIEW — Tempted By a Touch (An Unlikely Hero #2) by Kris Rafferty


Trouble seems to follow Harper MacLain wherever she goes. Her overly trusting personality and trying everything to protect those she loves, has landed her in a whole heap of trouble. Thrust into her ex boyfriend Detective Lucas Sullivan’s case. She fights the temptation to fall back into bad habits… and his bed.Detective Lucas Sullivan buried himself in his work when Harper left him. The year apart has left him confused and hurting. Now danger has found Harper and Lucas knows he’ll do anything to keep her safe and in his life forever.

So first up, full disclosure, I did not read the first book in this series. It would be my recommendation that you do start with book one because I honestly was a bit confused at the beginning of this one. I felt like I was dropped into the middle of a story and I should already know the background on these characters and what passed before. That said, I was only lost for a couple chapters, three at the most. Then the story took off and didn’t let up until the end.


I really enjoyed this one. It was nonstop action from the word GO. The plot flowed nicely and I never felt the need to skim. There was a great cast of secondary characters. The couple of book one, plus a third character that was a big part of the plot of this one. From the looks of it, he is going to be the hero in book three.

I loved both Harper and Lucas. Harper to me was just a really strong character. She loved Lucas with everything she had, but because of certain limits Lucas had, she knew they were heading in different directions, and it was best for both of them if they ended things. Lucas had his reasons for feeling the way he did, and I understood them. I wanted to smack them both on occasion, and just tell them to TALK ALREADY but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of them as a couple. I thought they had smokin hot chemistry between them, and some sweet feel good moments that made me tear up. As well as the hurt and longing they had for each other, and that added a little of the type of angst that I love.

This did have an epilogue, but it wasn’t a couple centered one. It was a more of a lead in to the third book in the series. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this couple in the third book, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Overall, this was a cracking good read and gets two thumbs up from yours truly.


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