Athena’s Raid: Book Two Perdition MC by Isabel Wroth




He longed for the feeling of the wind on his face, the sound of his Harley roaring in his ears, the smell of the road. But now, all he felt was pain, all he heard was the guy down the hall screaming for help, all he smelled was blood, piss, and the death he was being denied. Paralyzed from the hips down after being hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, he was stuck in his hospital bed remembering days gone by when he’d had something worth living for.

His club. His brothers. Hadn’t heard from those bastards for years now, and he wasn’t going to call them just to see the pity on their faces when they realized he’d never ride again. The nurse who tormented him brought him a letter, and everything changed.


She’d never thought he would write her back, she’d just sent a letter to a random soldier in the hospital, not knowing how else to give back, and after six months of being pen pals, she’d developed quite a crush on the guy. On Raid. But then after asking to come visit him in the hospital, he vehemently told her no, and hadn’t responded to any more letters.

It left her wondering if she’d been catfished, left her wondering if the break from reality his letters had given her, the connection she’d thought they had, was nothing but words on a page.
One letter, and everything changed. Who’d have thought?



Overhearing a conversation between two military wives, ATHENA decides to write a letter to an injured soldier in the hospital. Not sure anything will come of it, she is more than a little surprised when she gets a response. After a few months the letters suddenly stop, and Athena is left wondering if she has been played…

Riad is Paralyzed from the hips down after being hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. He has all but given up and planning how to put an end to all his pain and suffering. That is until he receives a purple letter that smells like heaven itself. These gifts have Raid agreeing to an experimental surgery that has a 50/50 chance of getting him back on his feet. It will be the fight of his life…

description“Did you see it?” He asked, swallowing loudly when her fingers scraped through his hair. “See what?” “Did you see what you gave back to me?” “What I gave?” “You brought me home, baby. You gave me my family back.”

When Raid walks into Athena’s shop six months later, she isn’t sure if she wants to hug him or kick him in the balls. The sparks fly and love is in the air. When trouble from Athena’s past comes knocking on their door, that HEA might not be as easy as they thought…


Wowza, so book one in this series was a fabulous read, but this one kicked it up a notch. I ADORED this one. As I mentioned in my review for book one, this author smokes the “KA BONG” So if you like old school KA, then you are going to enjoy the heck out of these books. The plot moved along at a nice pace. I was never bored or felt the need to skim. The secondary characters are very interesting (PLEASE write a book with TOP and NASA…PRETTY PLEASE.) and we get a cute little peek at the couple from book one.

Both characters were likable. Athena was sweet and feisty, not annoying. Raid was hot and sexy and sweet and vulnerable. It makes for a really great hero in my opinion. Unlike the first book were I felt both the heroine and hero sounded the same in the way they spoke. The heroine and hero in this one have their own distinct voice. It wasn’t that they spoke vastly different from each other, more that they didn’t sound the same like the couple from book one.


Overall I was REALLY impressed with this second book of the series. I was disappointed that we didn’t get an epilogue (what is up with the lack of good epilogues lately?) and my comment about covers from my review of book one still stands. This one is even worse than the one for the previous book. All in all though…awesome read.


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