Baby Fever (A Real Man #3) by Jenika Snow



He’s done being the bad boy … he’s ready to be a father.

I’m the bad boy; the one mothers warn their daughters about. But I’d never seen myself settling down, and at the time that had been fine with me. Then life, reality, whatever you wanted to call it, bitch slapped me right across the face, and I knew what I wanted.
A baby.
At thirty-nine I was having a severe case of baby fever, and that meant convincing the one woman I’ve always wanted but knew was too good for me, to be mine and be the mother of my child.

I’ve always wanted Dex. It’s hard not to want a man like Dex. He’s all raw power and cut muscle. He’s the epitome of what a real man is, but he’s not a bastard about it.
But then he throws me a curve ball and says he wants me not only as his woman … but the mother of his child.
And I’ll be honest; it’s what I’ve always wanted.

The truth is Eva deserves better than me, but I’m too selfish, and I want her too badly to back away.
Nothing will stop me from making her mine … and putting my baby inside her.

Warning: This book is short and right to the point—like the kind of story that gives you whiplash. If you enjoy unbelievable plots, and insta-everything going on, you may enjoy this.



Dex is having a severe case of baby fever at the ripe old age of 39. There is only one woman that this tattooed bad boy has ever wanted. He has held back though. Not wanting to upset his best friend Charlie, and thinking he wasn’t good enough for the lovely Eva.


Eva has been crushing on her brother Charlie’s best friend for years. He’s never saw her as anything more than his best friends little sister. That’s until Dex shows up at her work wanting to “catch up” Things are not always as they seem. Will sparks fly? Will babies be made?? Will this couple get a HEA??

description“Fucking Eva with her lush curves and hips that are wide and meant to carry my child. I could come just looking at her. All I could think about was breeding with her, filling her with my spunk, and making her mine.”


Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this one. Lately I haven’t been overly crazy about these “super short…insta everything” books. I enjoyed this one though. The writing was great. The sex was SMOKIN. Both characters were likable. I was happy Charlie didn’t cause any unnecessary trouble. It even had a really sweet epilogue.

I will say that I think if these authors took some extra time to flesh out these books more, that some of them would have some really awesome books on their hands. I get that these are just meant to be quick filthy reads, but some of them really hold the potential for more. My 2 cents inanycase…


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