Beast By SC Daiko



Title: BEAST
Author: SC Daiko
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Mafia Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 20, 2018
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs
Cover Photography: Wander Book Club Photography





I’ve been sold by my own father to a beast.
Gleb Sokolov is the definition of a savage.
He’s an animal in bed and everywhere else.
A notorious Russian mobster, badass personified.
And my father just sold me to him, to pay off a debt.
But there’s something Gleb doesn’t know… we have a son,
and I’ll do anything to keep him from finding out.
Eva Petrenko.
Sassy, secretive, trouble with a capital T.
She drives me fucking insane.
Except, when her father offers her to me, I find I can’t resist.
She belongs with me, even if she refuses to believe it.
Eva hates me, but I’ll go to the ends of the earth to protect her.
Problem is, Eva’s father isn’t the only one with debts…
and mine are the kind I’ll need to pay with my own blood.




“Holy Beast! What a read! One of the best reads of 2018!” – Donna

“Unbelievably Raw, devastatingly beautiful and amazingly written,” – Julie W

“Such a beautiful sadistic and vicious beast; how can someone so bad be so deliciously good?” – Clare H

“A swoon-worthy read that will blow you away,” – Linda


Without warning, my head starts to spin. Shit, I shouldn’t have drunk that cocktail so fast. I can’t see any signs indicating the bathroom. Maybe I can escape for a few minutes behind one of these doors? I’m not that desperate to pee, just need somewhere peaceful to sit and wait for my brain to clear.
I step into an office unlike any I’ve been in before. Ritzy, with an executive desk in the center that’s the size of my bed at home. My eyes are immediately drawn to a stack of banknotes on top of the shiny surface. I tiptoe across the room.
Wow, it’s a pile of one-hundred-dollar bills.
I pick one up to examine it.
Surely these can’t be real?
“What the fuck are you doing in here?” a baritone voice booms.
The air around me compresses, and I spin around.
A man in a tux is standing in the doorway, piercing blue eyes glowering at me. He’s so big his shoulders nearly meet the doorjambs.
And he’s drawn a fucking gun on me!
“I was looking for the bathroom.” I drop the money back onto the table, my heartbeat thudding in my ears.
Blue Eyes paces up to me, holsters his firearm and grabs my wrist. “Who sent you to snoop?” His English is good, but I detect a familiar intonation. “Was it Vadim Rayt?” he adds.
“No one sent me,” I blurt out in Russian. “I’m telling the truth.”
I try to squirm out of Blue Eyes’ hold, but he pulls me against his rock-hard chest, towering above me and invading my senses with his spicy sandalwood cologne.
“Let me go.” I struggle and aim a kick at his shin.
His laugh is scornful. “Not before you give me a better explanation.”
I bite my bottom lip, trying to come up with something. “I just needed some time out.”
“Time out? You’ve got to be kidding. The only women who come in here on their own are hookers. High-class hookers who bribe the doorman.” His gaze roves over my body. “Either you’re a whore or a spy. Which one is it?”
An idea occurs to me. How I can get out of this situation. “I’m a hooker,” my voice purrs.
I can’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. I’ve never been so blatant… like ever. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Once I’ve gotten his pants down around his legs I’ll make a run for it. I reach for his belt buckle with my free hand.
With a groan he lets go my wrist and pushes me to my knees. “You better be good.”
I’ve never given a blow-job in my life. It wasn’t something I felt I could offer my ex, the only boyfriend I’ve ever had.
But I’m not gonna suck Blue Eyes off, am I?
This is only a means to an end.
I pull down his suit pants, and he releases his monster cock himself. Oh. My. God. There’s a ring-style piercing at the tip. Is that what they call a Prince Albert? I stare at it, fascinated.
“Like what you see, Kotenok?”
Somehow, I don’t mind being called kitten by him.
Mistake, Eva.
Big mistake.
Focus on the task at hand… You need to get out of here.
I jump to my feet and prepare to run.
But he grabs me by the hair, yanking me against him. “Oh, yes, you are good, little slut. But not as good as you think you are. Time you learned a lesson.”
He steps out of his pants and drags me over to his executive chair.
“What are you doing?” I yelp.
“Punishing you for attempting a fast one. I’m going to spank your ass.”
“And then you’ll let me go.” It’s more a statement than a question.


“One step at a time, Kitten. First, I will punish you… then we negotiate.”




SC Daiko, aka Siobhan (pronounced Shivawn), is an award-winning, international bestselling contemporary romance author. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Italy with her husband and two cats.




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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription~WRITING – PLOT – PACE~
This book started out a bit rough. I didn’t like Gleb and Eva’s first encounter. Nor did I particularly like their reunion encounter. Plus, I am really not a fan of the secret baby plotline, but I can’t complain about that one too much since it is spelled out in the synopsis (lol). That said, it did get somewhat better as it went along. The writing was decent, albeit a bit repetitive at times. As well as having a bit too much inner thought ramblings. The pace was perfect. The plot was engaging although a tad light on mafia action until 70%. (I was expecting more). Last, it was all wrapped up in a couple of sweet epilogues.


GLEB…Gleb was alright I guess. I didn’t love him nor did I hate him. I think his character just felt a little flat to me. I was expecting a Russian mafia boss to have a little more grit. I actually found myself disappointed in the direction the book took in the end in regard to Gleb and his mafia connections. However, he was hot as f-ck in the bedroom. I loved his interactions with Kir, and he was all about Eva when they met up for the second time. 


EVA…Eva was a bit MEH to me. First, I didn’t get why she hated Gleb in the first place. He didn’t force her to have sex with him. Nor was he irresponsible while having sex with her. It was an accidental pregnancy, and it takes two to tango. So yea, I didn’t quite get that whole “I hate him…he ruined my life” thing. On top of that, I just felt she wasn’t a good partner for a mafia boss. She was too weak and whiny in my opinion. Apart from the fact she was attractive and had his kid, I am not sure what Gleb saw in her. *shrug*
This book had a lot of secondary characters that added some extra depth to the overall story. None really stood out, but I was intrigued by Brash. We also get a tiny bit of the couple from BRUTE.


HIGH. This one has quite a few smokin’ got sex scenes in it. Gleb and Eva set my tablet on fire when they took to the sheets. Outside of the bedroom though, I struggled to feel a connection between them. 


LOW. I didn’t find this one angsty at all. It was very insta (once they meet again), and they pretty much stay a couple through the entirety of the book. Neither were virgins. The hero had sex with others during the two years between the one-night stand (a stretch…it was more like a ten-minute sex encounter in the back of his club) and when they meet again. That said, it is just implied. I don’t think it is ever mentioned in any detail (one sentence maybe??) The heroine remained celibate which usually has me wanting to throat punch someone, but her reasons for not having had sex were legit. So it didn’t bother me at all. There was also no OW or OM drama either. 


Did I enjoy it? For the most part. 
Was it perfect? It had a few issues that lowered my rating. 
Would I recommend it? Yes. It wasn’t a bad book per se. It just had a few things that were issues for ME. I am just one opinion in a sea of options. So do read a few more reviews before making up your mind.
Who would enjoy this book? Pretty much everyone.description


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