Bells, Spells, and Murders (Witch City Mystery #7) By Carol J. Perry


Bells, Spells, and Murders Book Cover Bells, Spells, and Murders
Witch City Mystery #7
Carol J. Perry
Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Holiday
September 25, 2018


Someone's spreading deadly holiday cheer through Salem, Mass . . . 

Lee Barrett has landed her dream job at Salem's WICH-TV. As the new field reporter, she'll be covering events live as they're unfolding. Next on her holiday checklist is an interview with the beloved chairman of a popular walking tour through Salem's historic districts. But it may be his ghost walking this snowy Noel season after Lee finds him murdered in his stately offices, bloody Santa hat askew.

With her police detective boyfriend working the case and a witch's brew of suspects--including some bell-ringing Santas--Lee chases down leads aided and abetted by her wise cat O'Ryan and some unsettling psychic visions of her own. When a revealing clue leads to another dead body, not even a monster blizzard can stop Lee from inching closer to the truth . . . and a scoop that could spell her own demise this killer Christmas. 

descriptiondescriptionI didn’t quite enjoy this one as much as I did the other book I read by this author Grave Errors. I felt the mystery in this one took a back seat to all of Lee’s running around news reporting, which started to get a little boring after a while. I think the author could have dropped a lot of that and it would have tightened up the story and placed more focus on the murder mystery. There were also quite a few inconsistencies within the story, but hopefully, those will be fixed by the time the book is officially released. 
descriptionThat being said, I still did really enjoy the characters themselves. Lee is a great leading lady. I continued to love Pete and their relationship. I loved Aunt Ibby, and O’Ryan the cat, and the mystery kept me guessing until the end. Throw in a yummy sounding recipe, and it certainly made for an enjoyable (if not perfect) read.description


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