Between Cases By Annie Dyer



Title: Between Cases
Series: The Callaghan Green Series
Author: Annie Dyer
Genre: Standalone Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2018






He’s the plot twist she wasn’t planning on…
Workaholic? Check.
Poor choice in men? Check.
Debatably losing the plot? Check.
Payton Callaghan has had enough. She needs time away from her stressful job, time away from her disaster of a love life and what she really doesn’t need is a hot bookshop owner trying to verbally outwit her in the middle of his store.
Owen Anders believes in creating his own plot. Successful businessman, talented musician and book nerd, he hadn’t accounted for Payton and her wrath at the exact moment his well-constructed world was hitting an unplanned crisis. However, he needs a lawyer and he thinks she needs him. 
With Payton insistent that a relationship is not in an upcoming chapter, can Owen persuade her to change her plot and ensure her happily ever after stars him?


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descriptiondescriptionThis book was OK. There wasn’t really anything that annoyed me about it. I loved the close family feels it had. It had a great cast of secondary characters. The sex (when we get to it) was hot. Both main characters were very likable (for the most part) as well. However, I just found myself bored for most of the book. I felt like nothing happened except a lot of day to day family stuff and long-winded, boring conversations. On top of that, the heroine keeps the hero friend zoned for over half the book. Then uses him for sex for one night, and strings him along some more. So yea, it wasn’t a bad book by any means, but it didn’t blow me away either. 


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