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A good girl gives her dirty mind free rein…but nothing comes without a price

After a brush with violence, preachers daughter Kelly decides life is too short to keep denying her dark desires. It’s time to explore her pent-up sensual side. And she knows just the man to help. Joe is every dirty-talking bad boy she’s ever daydreamed about, and he seems more than willing to make her fantasies reality. But he’s not about to let her use him without getting something in return. Joe drives a hard bargain, and Kelly has to decide how far she’s willing to go to keep him in her bed.

Fans of Lauren Blakely will love the Dirty Minds series. Ten sizzling stories, one kinky couple.


I liked mornings for their peace before the craziness of the day. In an hour, I’d be starting up heavy equipment, slinging gravel, and trudging through mud while the traffic on MLK whizzed by and pedestrians gawked on their way to the light rail stop. But at the moment, I was alone with my memories of last night: Kelly’s fingers, deceptively strong, digging into my muscles and purging my stress, her mouth closing around my cock and balls while I was relaxed and soft, her happy hum as she swallowed my cum a few minutes later.


 After letting Bubba back in, I closed and locked the front door and made a beeline for the john. My stop included a quick finger-brush of my teeth. Then I was at the foot of the bed stripping to my birthday suit.

No one would ever want to see this bald head and mean mug on a magazine cover, but my body was one thing I had going for me. I worked out pretty much whenever I wasn’t on the site because I liked being built. Women tended to like it too.

 Knowing Kelly would appreciate what she felt against her, I climbed under the covers to give her a wake-up call she’d never forget. When I pulled her into the spoon of my body, I felt her warm and soft through her harem pants and tank top. Cute how we’d both ended up sleeping fully dressed after the way she’d sucked me with that pretty mouth.




A kinky bastard seduces a good girl…and gets in over his head

Joe doesn’t mind getting dirty on a construction site. He doesn’t mind getting dirty in the bedroom, either. In fact, he prefers rough and nasty to sweet and wholesome. Until he crosses paths with preachers daughter Kelly and her little bull terrier. Suddenly, wholesome looks pretty damn good. Joe plans to tone down his kinky ways for her, but that’s the last thing she wants. A scandalous proposition hints at a dirty girl behind Kelly’s innocent exterior.

Good Girl amps up “friends-with-benefits” to a whole new level of sexy. Fans of Lauren Blakely will love the Dirty Minds Series. Ten sizzling stories, one kinky couple. Dirty Minds 2: Irresistible Jerk, coming soon!





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