BOOK BLITZ & REVIEW — Mine, Forever (Deadly Women #1) By Kate Bonham

Mine, Forever
(Deadly Women, Book One)
Kate Bonham


Editor: Swish Editing & Design
Cover Designer: Desiree DeOrto



She’s mine.
Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I knew there was something about her but I had to be sure.
I had to know she was like me.
Now, after what I’ve put her through, I own her.
But they keep trying to pull her away from me.
They keep trying to destroy my world forcing me to unleash hell on earth to keep her in my arms.

I’m broken, alone and hated by my own family.
When Jett Black walks into my life, I know I’m not safe.
Not safe from him, not safe from anyone and yet I can’t get enough of him.
He’s my savior in every way, shape and form.
Finally, after years I felt as if I was on the right path until forces try to tear us apart – forces which are trying to kill me.

But I won’t give him up – he’s mine…forever.


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Kate Bonham Bloody Hand Alternate Logo.jpgKate grew up in Western Sydney, Australia, hoping to one day have a pet dragon and castle to roam around in. Then the Khaleesi stole her life and she was forced to reinvent herself.

It was around the age of 15 when she really thought she could make it as a writer, and after course after course on different writing styles, she finally gulped down her fear and pursued independent publishing.

When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her boyfriend and their zoo of pets that include snakes, spiders, lizards, gecko, scorpion, an axolotl and birds.

My writing genres are paranormal and dark romance.





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descriptiondescriptionThis is a pretty good cover. A good representation of the story within. Good composition. Interesting typography. I probably would have moved the author’s name to below the title and tagline and moved everything up a bit. Overall though this one works.description

descriptionWhoa…so this book was fifty shades of FUCKED UP! I don’t even know where to begin with this review. I don’t want to give too much away, so I am going to be pretty vague in my comments.

First up I want to say that I LOVED every minute of this one. It pushed every one of my dirty, twisted, depraved loving buttons. It was fabulously written. Incredibly face paced. It was like getting a shot of adrenalin straight in your ass. There were twists and turns. Interesting side characters. Twisted fucked up main characters that you won’t be able to help herself falling in love with. Murder, mayhem, sex next to a dead body…honestly just do yourself a favor and READ IT. Two HUGE thumbs and toes up for this one.description


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