Broken by Jordan Silver



Kerryanne Lashley is trying hard to pick up the pieces of her life after suffering a horrible betrayal. Not only did her husband of ten years, her high school sweetheart the man she thought would be hers for a lifetime cheat on her, but he did it with her best friend.
Now she’s taken to hiding herself away in a ratty apartment, which is all she can afford these days.
Kyle Clancy wants out of the little nowhere postcard town as soon as possible. He hadn’t set foot in the place since he was a kid, and the only reason he’s here now is to try to talk his grandpa into moving to the big city since his grandma’s passing.
He had no more interest in a relationship of any kind than Kerryanne did, but one fateful encounter on a sidewalk in the early morning sun would soon set these two on a collision course with destiny.


After the fiasco of the last Seal Team 7 book by this author, I wasn’t really sure WHAT is was getting myself into with this one. Luckily, this turned out to be a solid 4 star read for.

Kerry was a REALLY well written heroine. Her pain and anguish over what she went through was VERY realistic. People just don’t get over that type of betrayal. That said, not once while reading this did I feel that she was still “hung-up” on her ex. Upset, and gutted over the way her marriage ended and how her ex treated her, yes, but she never once wanted him back.

Kyle was a great hero. Maybe a TAD bit lower on the OTT type usual for this author. A couple times I thought he might be bipolar. Especially that scene at the lake, and the way her spoke to her a couple times was a little “WTF” to me. But I LOATHE when a hero or heroine tells the other to “shut-up” Overall though he was a fantastic, loving, and loyal hero.

Overall the plot flowed nicely. It did drag a little in a couple of places. I also though Kerry’s ex and his new wife came off a bit like cartoon villains at times.. The gossipy old timers were a hoot though, and it had a really sweet epilogue (though I would have enjoyed a farther into the future look). Oh and the fact that she [su_spoiler title=”(view spoiler)” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]was pregnant with triplets and NO ONE not even the DR knew was a bit farfetched. OK, she skipped ultrasounds, but HELLO the DR. listens for the baby’s heartbeats as standard procedure. Not to mention I’ve had two kids, I’d know DAMN well if there was three of them in there! *lol*[/su_spoiler]




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