Chasing Soma by Amy Robyn



They were highschool sweethearts and neither of them thought they would ever be apart. Too bad they were wrong.

Chase joined the navy and tried to forget about the woman who had stolen his heart. Though, late at night as he lay alone in his bed, thoughts of her plague him.

Soma has tried to create a life for her and her daughter. She is able to give her daughter most of the things she need, except her father’s love. She has searched for Chase until she finally finds him. Unfortunately, it has been a year without word. She has given up hope.

Will these two find each other again?



Chase and Soma were highschool sweethearts. In love and thinking they’d be together forever. Life had other plans for them though, and when Soma listens to a jealous bitch and accuses Chase of cheating. He then runs off to the Navy without telling her where he is going. Now fours years later he is back home for a visit and runs into a little redheaded girl…


This one was OK. It was super low on angst. In fact, there was ANY angst. This annoyed me, since the story lent itself to at least having a little bit. Everything was WAY TOO EASY.

You have these two young people madly in love and first, the heroine lets a jealous bitch get to her. Now, honestly, that part I could buy. She was young and hormonal and people sometimes act before they think. The part that pissed me RIGHT off, was that here you have a hero who is about to propose, he’s ALREADY signed up for the Navy WITHOUT discussing it with the supposed person he loves and is about to marry. THEN when she accuses him of cheating, he just LEAVES for the Navy without so much as a “BU-BYE” That’s some awesome love there boyo..

description“We have made so many mistakes and yet we made a baby girl that is so perfect.” I whisper to her as I rock her.”

Now four years later he is back to visit his friend Peter and runs into the daughter he didn’t know he had. Why didn’t he know you ask?? Because the heroine couldn’t find him to tell him. She didn’t KNOW he joined the Navy. So wait a cotton picking minute here. Peter KNEW where he was the WHOLE friggin time. Peter was like an Uncle to the kid. Peter’s mom KNEW where he was the WHOLE time as well. When she turned up pregnant and spent a shitton of money apparently LOOKING for him, why did neither of these people TELL her he joined the Navy?? I can’t even…

On top of THAT, everything was just SO DAMN EASY. No resentment (in fact the heroine BLAMED herself WTF) Chase is telling this poor little girl who has never meet him before “Hey I’m your Daddy” within minutes of meeting her (WITHOUT her mother around) and they are off buying houses and trying for more babies. Don’t even get me started at the complete idiocy of him become a bizillionaire after four years in the military..

Wow, so ya, I went off on a little rant there it would seem. Well on a positive note, the sex was hot. So there’s that..


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