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This is an insta-love, dirty and sweet novella.
When life throws you a curveball, sometimes you have to step back and re-evaluate your life.
Jaxon got a scare of a lifetime and needed to learn how to relax. What’s better for relaxing than taking a nice vacation? How about meeting the woman of your dreams?
Danielle got her life uprooted because of her younger sister’s foolish decision. Knowing that life can sidetrack you, she decided a tour of Europe would be an amazing way to get her mind back in order. So who knew that she would meet a man who would try to charm her panties off?


I’m starting to think it is a good thing I am no longer available, because I would surely have been murdered by now. If a walking God of a man in an expensive suit hit on me and asked me to dinner. I wouldn’t be giving him snotty attitude. I would be following him SO fast my head would spin…

P.S. I can also be lured into vans by a nice set of abs and a V…


description“Danielle Alexander,” he said my first name with his last one like he was implying marriage. I laughed because this motherfucker was rich but off his rocker. “It’s got a wonderful ring to it.”

What can i say. This was okay for what it was. It’s WAY too short. We go from a scene with them having dinner (only knowing each other an hour) to the next page where two days have passed and the Danielle is already in love with Jaxon. I’m all for insta-love, but even for me that is a bit ridiculous. Couldn’t we at least get a chapter of them spending time together over the course of the two days??

That said…this author can write a smokin hot sex scene and it had a sweet epilogue. So 3 generous stars from yours truly.



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