Dancing in the Dark By T.L. Martin


Dancing in the Dark Book Cover Dancing in the Dark
T.L. Martin
Dark Romance
Koru House Press
August 10, 2018


This is a standalone new adult dark romance

“One bronze, oval button. One push. One ding, one dong.
And it will all be real.”

I never thought it would be easy. And, yet, nothing could have prepared me for this. 
For them. 
For him. 
The second the black walls of the Matthews House swallow me whole, I know it’s a dangerous game I’m playing. One that threatens to consume me. Taunt me. Cut, burn, and bleed me dry. 
Until there’s nothing left to take. 

In the end, I will find the dark in a way I never expected.
In the end . . . I will question everything.

“Ash and dust. Death and murder. When you have no soul, there’s no fear of losing it. And without fear . . . you’re limitless.”

She’s supposed to be a pawn. 
A gift. 
Some kind of fucked up way to screw with my head.
Another doll, another day.

But no one, not even my brothers, knows the secrets of my past. None of us could know what the girl’s presence here really means. 
For them. 
For her. 
Or what secrets of her own she has buried deep behind those deceptively innocent eyes.

But no secret stays buried forever.
And not even I can pull the strings when we’re dancing in the dark.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED: this book contains triggers. Dark themes, characters with questionable morals, questionable sexual situations, violence, murder, abuse (including minors), sex, and profanity.

descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptionI knew just from reading the synopsis that this book was going to be perfect for me. The more dark and twisted a book is, the more I seem to love it. I am not going to question what that says about me…I am just embracing it (lol). That said, Miz Martin was a new author for me, and you always run the risk when you try something new that it could all end up pear-shaped. Luckily, that was not the case here. I was blown away by how excellent this book turned out to be. I haven’t had a read that consumed me this much in a LONG while.
descriptionThe writing was phenomenal. It is quite a long book, but the pace was perfect, and I never grew bored or felt the need to skim. It is told in a dual POV format and through flashbacks. The plot was super engaging. It was dark. It was twisted. It was f-cked up. It was bloody. It was somewhat spicy. There wasn’t any OW drama, but there was quite a bit of OM drama. There are some sexual things done to the heroine by the brothers, and there is also (HIGHLIGHT TEST FOR SPOILER) –> rape. There was a fantastic cast of secondary characters. Some I loved. Some I hated. Some intrigued me enough that I would love to read more about them. Both the main characters were likable. The heroine slightly more than the hero. But that was just because I thought it took a bit too long for him to “man up” and make the heroine his. Last, it was all wrapped up in a very satisfying way with one loose end hanging that hopefully means this author will be revisiting her dark side again soon. description


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