Deadly (Born Bratva #5) by Suzanne Steele



From the first time I laid eyes on him I knew my life would be forever changed. It wasn’t just his sadistic nature that pulled me in. Looking into his eyes was like coming home. It was the first time I realized he was the man who could not only relate to my psychopathic need for blood; he would be the one who shared in the bloodshed I crave.
Alone I am a force to be reckoned with. With him I’m unstoppable.

She is the coldest woman I’ve ever met. I never imagined there would be someone I could work side by side with but the first time I saw her I knew she would be my partner. She’s as ruthless as I am, a force to be reckoned with, and together…we are unstoppable.
This is our story.



DNF @ 25%

I am really bummed about this, but this book just wasn’t working for me AT ALL…


First Oleg and Roksana’s relationship is already fully formed from page one. So we don’t get much buildup. There is a couple short flashbacks, but nothing that made me feel them as a couple. Second, the constant POV changes between Oleg, Roksana, and Anastacia I found distracting. Third, Roksana was just TOO much for me. I am fine with cold blooded killers as heroes, but Roksana was like a dude with breasts. SO not my thing. Lastly, I found it boring…

Maybe these things improve over the next 75% of the book, but I have WAY too many book and WAY too little time to waste it on something that hasn’t clicked for me by 25% into the story.


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