Delivering History By Jenni M Rose



Title: Delivering History
Series: Freehope #4
Author: Jenni M Rose
Genre: Contemporary Small Town Romance
Release Date: September 24, 2018




Pregnant with her sister’s baby, her love-life isn’t even on the radar.
Just when Alexa Walker has given up on finding her happy-ever-after to focus on her career as the Bad Girl of Sweets, in walks Dylan James, steaming cup of coffee in his outstretched hand. Alex has never been the nice sister. 
She’s the snarky one. The skeptic. Unapproachable. 
That’s probably why everyone was so surprised when she offered to carry a baby for her sister, Beth. Making up for a decade-long feud is bound to take some sacrifices and after finally burying the hatchet, Alex is ready to put her best sisterly foot forward. 
Upper crust, old Boston money, and part of the infamous Boston Billionaires Club, Dylan doesn’t have a lot of free time and he definitely doesn’t have time to hang around a coffee shop that’s not even in his neighborhood, waiting for the Bad Girl of Sweets to deliver her weekly confections. He doesn’t have time until he sees her and knows he needs to make the time. She’s fiery and fierce, witty and bright, and that was only their first introduction. Suddenly, chocolate croissants aren’t all Dylan’s craving.
Dylan isn’t exactly sure what he’s getting into with Lexi Walker, his Bad Girl of Sweets, but he knows he’ll take her any way he can get her. Pregnant with someone else’s baby or not.


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Dylan’s palms slid over her shoulders and down her arms, coming to rest on her stomach. She was really starting to show now, her overall small size doing nothing to help her hide the baby. The right clothes could do the trick, but with his hands pressed against her like that, he’d feel the hard roundness protruding from her belly.
“Will you be offended if I tell you you’ve gotten big.”
“Only if you’re talking about my ass,” she told him sharply.
He shook his head. “Your ass is still spectacular. But look at you,” he marveled, his hands rubbing all over her baby bump. “This dress hides you too much.” He reached for the hem and began tugging it up. “Let me see you.”
“You might get more than you bargained for,” she said, sliding it off and tossing it to the floor. She wore just her underwear and bra underneath, the weather warm enough that leggings weren’t needed. Her breasts, usually small and underwhelming, felt enormous, jiggling in their bra cups when she moved. Sitting the way she was, straddling his lap, her stomach was round enough that she couldn’t even see her panties.
Dylan sucked in a breath at the sight of her, his eyes going all hot and glittery. Alex felt him hard underneath her lap, his hands coming back to her stomach as he took her in. Admittedly, there was more of her than the last time he saw her.
“Am I turning into a blueberry?” she asked when his silence began stretching to uncomfortable limits. “You know? You’re turning violet, Violet.”
He shook his head, his eyes unlocking from her stomach and traveling slowly to her face. “You look like the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” His voice was a low rumble, like thunder rolling across a field. She felt it reverberate under her skin, gooseflesh breaking out along her arms.
“You’ve got a thing for pregnant ladies?”
It was meant to be a joke, but the look in his eyes was far too serious for it to be effective. The words fell uselessly between them.
His hands and fingers touched her everywhere, his fingertips skimming across the tops of her breasts, his palms sliding down her arms. He felt the curve of her stomach, memorizing the size and shape.
“It’s growing,” he said reverently.
“She,” Alex whispered.
His head snapped up. “It’s a girl?”
Alex shrugged. “Walkers have strong female genetics, I think.”
“Thank God for that,” he replied, his gaze traveling down to her belly. “A girl, huh?”
She really didn’t want to talk about the baby right now. Not when she was straddling him, her need rippling through her with every passing second. She pressed herself down onto him, her hands braced on his shoulders.
“Can we talk about it later?” she asked, her head tilting back when he thrust his hips.
“Later works for me.”
With ease, he stood from the couch with Alex still wrapped around him, impressing the hell out of her.
“Bedroom?” he asked, pointing down the hallway.
“Last door on the left.”
He stalked down the hall with purpose, Alex in his arms, straight into her bedroom. He didn’t waste any time looking around or making small talk. He just climbed onto the bed until she was settled on her back and he was between her legs.
As hurried as he was, his hands skating along her skin and his lips barely leaving her, he wasn’t rushing through anything. He took his time tasting her, reacquainting himself with every inch of her skin as he stripped her completely naked.
There was something inherently sexy about being nude while your partner was not only dressed, but buttoned up in a suit and tie. If he noticed he was still dressed, he didn’t show it. Instead, he kissed his way down her body, licking and sucking every sensitive spot that graced her skin. Alex’s back arched off the bed when he nibbled her hip, his breath fluttering across her wet center.
“You need me, babe?” he whispered, his lips trailing across her stomach when he switched to her other hip, his hands inching up her leg.
She opened wider for him, wrapping her leg around his back and pulling him closer. When he didn’t budge, she opened her eyes and glanced down to meet his heated gaze, nearly melting into a puddle at the sight of him. His broad shoulders stretched between her thighs, the deep gray of his vest nearly black in the dark of the bedroom.
She jumped, startled when his searching fingers found their target, his eyes locked on hers, watching her reaction.
“You need something?” he asked again, the knowledge of what she needed written all over his face. He wanted to hear her say it.
“I need you, Dylan. Please.”




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Jenni M Rose is a sometimes writer with an all the time imagination.

Jenni can usually be found at the grocery store or driving her kids from place to place. More often than not, she can be seen typing away in the waiting rooms of local gymnastics gyms or dance studios.

Married mom, business owner, writer, taxi driver, accidental chicken lady.

Jenni’s hobbies, aside from writing, include: weeping to the latest episode of This is Us, scouring Amazon for her latest read, and perusing Pinterest for projects she has no intention of doing.


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