Destroying Dominic By Ginger Ring



Title: Destroying Dominic
Series: Genoa Mafia Series Book 3
Author: Ginger Ring
Genre: Mafia Lite, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 23, 2018
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


I don’t dance.
I don’t date.
I don’t fall in love.
But there’s one woman who does intrigue me—Stephanie Barclay, the best friend of my boss’s wife. The same boss who wants Stephanie dead.
What’s the use? I make people disappear for the mob. What self-respecting woman would want to spend her life with a cleaner? That ship sailed a long time ago. Besides, relationships make you weak. But what if she is already a target? 
I plan weddings.
I make people’s dreams come true. 
I write stories about the love of a lifetime, but where’s my happily-ever-after and white dress?
My past is a nightmare, a death sentence for anyone who discovers it. No one would be able to see beyond my background—except Dominic Scarlatti, the man who just a couple months ago killed and buried a monster for me. 
He may be a nightmare to others, but I’m determined to make him my hero. Even if it kills me.





“DOMINIC…Damaged. Sexy. Badass. Protective. Loyal. A loner. Quiet. Loved to read. He was a solid book boyfriend material.” – Early Reviewer
“Mafia romance hot sexy men, women who stand up for them and lots of action what more can you ask for.” – Early Reviewer 
“Love Dom!!!” – Early Reviewer



Ginger Ring is an award-winning author with a weakness for cheese, dark chocolate, and the Green Bay Packers. She loves reading, watching great movies, and has a quirky sense of humor. Publishing a book has been a lifelong dream of hers and she is excited to share her romantic stories with you. Her heroines are classy, sassy and in search of love and adventure. When Ginger isn’t tracking down old gangster haunts or stopping at historical landmarks, you can find her on the backwaters of the Mississippi River fishing with her husband.




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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription~WRITING – PLOT – PACE~
This turned out to be an entirely entertaining read for me. There were a couple of issues, but overall I found myself enjoying it a lot. The writing was quite good. The author has a very effortless feel to her writing that made it flow nicely. It wasn’t an overly long book (I finished it in just under two-and-a-half hours) which meant the pace was relatively quick. It was told in a dual POV format. The plot was engaging, but a little lighter in tone than what I was expecting considering we are dealing with MC’s and mafia. I imagine if you have read the first two books in the series than you already know what to expect. Last, it was all wrapped up in a pretty sweet ending. Really, the only issue I had was that fact that the two main characters do a lot of inner-thoughting (yes I know that isn’t actually a word, but it fits *lol*). And they repeat the same thoughts ad nauseam. It was a bit frustrating because I wanted them to open their mouths and actually have a conversation with each other instead of with their own minds. 



DOMINIC…I liked Dom a lot. Oh, he had the whole “I am not good enough for her” thing down to a science, but he was a sweet guy. Damaged. Sexy. Badass. Protective. Loyal. A loner. Quiet. Loved to read. He was a solid book boyfriend material.


STEPHANIE…Steph was a little less likable for me. Just a smidge. She came across kind of b!tchy and judgey at times. Especially considering her background. I also got a bit frustrated with her refusing to tell anyone her secrets. I understood (to a point), but I think it dragged on a wee bit too long. However, she was also sweet at times, and a good match for Dom. So I didn’t hate her, I just didn’t like her quite as much as Dom.
There really weren’t a bunch of secondary characters in this book, but I LOVED Jasper (although he is a manwhore…sigh). Arlo intrigued me a lot. We also see a bit of Madison and Roman (the couple from book one). I’ll be honest, I was not a fan of Roman in this book. I thought he was a bit of a douche towards Steph. I mean, he was going to kill his wife’s BFF because she wouldn’t tell him her secrets? Anyone with half a brain (let alone the head of a mafia family) could see she was scared and running from something. This was the only book I had read from this series, so perhaps he is more likable in his own book (lol).


SUPER LOW…there is only one mild sex scene at 80%. This was a super slow burn story for sure. 

I didn’t find this one overly angsty, but this couple takes FOREVER to get their heads out of their asses. The push and pull and back and forth (mostly in their own inner thoughts) is what caused most of the angst. Neither were virgins. The hero didn’t come across as a manwhore. This couple has known each other for a year. Avoiding each other for a good portion of that, so I have no idea if the hero had slept with an OW after they first met or not. I am fairly sure the heroine hadn’t. There really isn’t much of anything mentioned about either character’s past sexual history. There also wasn’t any OW or OM drama. 


Did I enjoy it? For the most part, yes!   
Was it perfect? It had a few issues here and there, but nothing major.   
Would I recommend it? YES!
Who would enjoy this book? I think most readers would enjoy this story. It was a pretty easy peasy read, that should be safe for those that care about that type of thing.description



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