Doctor’s Orders by Elena M. Reyes



*Short & Dirty Novella.*

“A pair of lips so innocent and sweet should never utter such nasty words.”

His tone held an edge of authority that made my body quiver. Direct and to the point, what he expected both thrilled and scared me. And yet, as he stood over me—towering over my much smaller frame, desire overrode all senses. I wanted him to take his pleasure and leave me a wanting heap at his feet.

To let me make his wildest fantasies a reality.
Could I be his dirty little girl and still keep that edge of purity that drove him wild?



F@cking-A…I died. This book killed me. I’m not even joking..GOOD LORD was this book SMOKIN…Jackson Reed..your dirty foul mouth had me squirming. I’ll be your dirty slut. I’ll call you GOD…I’ll call you whatever the hell you want me to call you…


I am not even going to write an in depth review because it can basically be summed up in quotes and gifs…

description“Never in my twenty years on this earth have I been the type of woman who bows her head and keeps quiet. Brought up in a home where my mother was outspoken and made no apologies for it. No pretenses. A what you see is what you get personality. So why now? Since when did I bow to another’s will? No, that’s not right—not just anyone’s will, but his, a man I’d spoken a total of four words too?”


description“Spread those thighs, baby, and show me your sweet kitty. Let me make this neglected pussy better”


description“I’ll be removing these now…need to see just how much damage you’ve endured. How much attention my pussy will need.” “Oh God.” “I am your God. The only one you will ever worship.”


RUN do not walk and read this delightfully sinful and surprisingly sweet novella NOW...I recommend a fan and a few extra pairs of panties…or just leave them off. They’ll just be in the way…


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