Flawed By Raathi Chota



Title: Flawed
Series: Caught by the Bad Boys Book Two
Author: Raathi Chota
Genre: YA Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 12, 2019
Publisher: Limitless Publishing





It all started with a bet. A bet I should have walked away from. 
But I didn’t.
Jack August is gone, and he’s taken our secret with him. Now I no longer know who to trust, and I can barely keep my head above water. 
It’s only when Levi returns that I start breathing again. Being with him reminds me of a time when things were simpler, easier. A time when the only care I had was getting into Yale. A time when I was…me. 
Unfortunately, my decisions can’t be undone, and facing the consequences of my actions is unavoidable. I have no choice but to continue down this path of lies and deceit, forced to continue playing my part in this dangerous game.
But as I start to figure out the rules, exposing the real threat, all I can do is hope that everyone I care for survives long enough for me to set things right.






Raathi Chota’s writing first began as a hobby and after growing in popularity, her gift for storytelling took off. Since gaining over ten million reads with her first novel on Wattpad, Raathi found her true calling. Born in South Africa, she always had a creative imagination. Being a regular high school student in Australia and a dedicated writer, her imagination knows no bounds. She enjoys random adventures where she knows she will find inspiration. Her stories are general fiction that is packed with young adult, thriller, mystery and romance themes. Raathi’s stories are page turners leaving you yearning for more.





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descriptiondescriptionI am not sure what to say about this one. I enjoyed book one (although I thought it was WAY too long); I was still curious to see where this story was heading. Unfortunately, this was another 7+ hour long book that dragged on and on, just to end in yet ANOTHER cliffhanger! 
descriptionI like these characters. I like the over the top high school drama. I like the friendships. However, this series needs some major editing and tightening up plot wise, and I am not sure I have it in me to read through a third overly long and slow book. We will see how I feel when book three is announced. SIDE NOTE: I am still 100% #TeamBenny I couldn’t stand Blake OR Levi in this one. 



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