Forget Me Not (Golden Falls Fire #4) By Scarlett Andrews


Forget Me Not Book Cover Forget Me Not
Golden Falls Fire #4
Scarlett Andrews
Clover Creatives
August 20, 2018


Ever since high school, Sean Kelly has dated a certain type. The cheerleader type. As a star hockey player and the most popular guy in school, he never noticed Annabelle Keith, the frizzy-haired nerd who sat next to him in science class. But Annabelle sure noticed him.

Although a college knee injury ended Sean’s chances for a pro hockey career, he loves his job as a firefighter in the charming city of Golden Falls, Alaska. When he saves the life of a beautiful woman during a mountain rescue call on the treacherous slopes of Denali, something about her seems familiar … and everything about her seems sexy.

Annabelle, now a glacier scientist in the final year of her PhD, never forgot Sean. Seeing him again revives her old crush with an intensity that takes her breath away. But she’s already in a sort-of relationship with a fellow Ph.D. student … plus she can’t quite believe that Sean, the boy who unknowingly broke her heart a dozen years before, would ever fall for her.

Brought together again, Sean and Annabelle rekindle what starts as a friendship, but quickly turns into a blazing physical passion that goes deeper than anything either have experienced before. But a saboteur is at work who will stop at nothing to destroy both Annabelle’s research and the couple’s newfound love.

FORGET ME NOT is the fourth in the Golden Falls Fire series of contemporary romances. While it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, there are plenty more love stories for the Golden Falls firefighters, so check out the other books in the series! 

descriptiondescription3.5 Stars

I am kind of wavering between three and four stars for this book. It was a solidly written book that was well paced. The plot was engaging. It was a fairly sweet book without too much angst. The sex scenes were pretty mild, but still suitably hot. There was a great cast of secondary characters, and the ending was sweet. All positive things…descriptionThat being said, I did struggle with a couple of issues. One, there was some other woman drama in the form of an ex that couldn’t take the hint and physically threw herself at the hero almost every time they met. Now the hero shut her down every time, but if you follow my reviews, you know how much OW drama like that annoys me. To be fair, there was also OM drama in the form of the heroine’s ex hell-bent on causing issues. But it felt more necessary to the story and therefore didn’t bother me as much.
descriptionThe other issue I had was the main characters themselves. They both came off as two people in their early twenties, and not thirty years of age. I also really struggled with liking Annabelle at times. She just came off so annoying and immature. Particularly that scene in her office when a coworker gets physical with her and Sean defends her. Her reaction towards Sean was very uncalled for. They also both spent WAY too much time in their heads. The hero thought he wasn’t good enough for Annabelle because she was smart (save me). And Annabelle was incredibly insecure about being Sean’s “type” (again save me). This got slightly annoying as it continued through the entire book. The whole insecurity thing and their reactions to certain situations just didn’t fit with two successful thirty-year-old adults. 

So yea, a bit of a mixed bag, but I liked it well enough to give the other books in this series a try.


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