Giving It to the Monster (Saints and Sinners MC Book 4) by Sam Crescent



There has only ever been one woman Saint has ever loved, and she left him because he was turning into a monster. To lead the Saint and Sinners MC, he had to follow his dad’s rules. So Saint let Natasha go and embraced the club. At last, with his dad dead and gone, Saint was able to turn the club into something to be proud of, but he had lost the person who meant the most to him.

Then one night, Natasha returns to Sinners’ Corner. She falls into Saint’s arms, broken and bloody, and he has the chance to save her. Natasha has always loved Saint, and walking away from him was the hardest thing she ever did. Now, though, the only person she can trust is Saint, the man she once ran from.

She knows he’ll take care of her and help her keep her abusive husband away. Finally, Natasha sees past the monster Saint portrays to the man he’s become. Is there a chance for them to have the future she always wanted, a future they both planned? Can two heartbroken souls finally find the happiness they deserve?



Book four of the Saints and Sinners MC this is Saint’s and Natasha’s story. Saint and Nat meet when they were five years old and became fast friends. That friendship eventually grew into a passionate love. With mounting pressure from Saint’s father and club responsibilities taking Saint away more and more, the boy Nat fell in love with was turning into a man she didn’t recognize.


“Tell me what you love about me?” Natasha asked, locking their fingers together. He stared down into her pretty green eyes. They had made love, and it had been perfect. Each time he was inside her, he truly felt like he’d come home. “Everything. I love your smile, your laugh, your kindness. I love that you’re hard assed, and you kick some serious ass.” She laughed, arching up. “And what I love most is that you put up with me.” “Always, Saint, always.”
Making the only decision she felt was right. Nat packs her bags and says “Good-Bye” to Saint and Sinners Corner, leaving her heart and a angry Saint behind. Now fourteen years later Nat finds herself broken and bleeding on the doorstep of the only man she has even trusted and loved

After so many years apart and so much anger, can these two put the hurt behind them to finally find a HEA in each other’s arms?

I enjoyed this one. It wasn’t my favorite of the series (that’s still Pipe’s) but it was still a great way to spend a couple hours. I was expecting a bit more badassery from Saint. He came off a bit, not weak, but just “blah” I guess. The relationship with Nat (especially the scenes from their childhood) were sweet. I expected a bit more angst after fourteen years apart, but they basically just fell right back into eachother’s arms and the “I LOVE YOU’s” came quickly.


I was also a bit annoyed by how often Nat would apologize for leaving and take ALL the blame. Ya, she left, but Saint himself admits he was changing, spending more time at the club etc. I would have liked a little less of the martyr act from Nat.

I LOVE the introduction to “Big Ricky” (maybe he was mentioned in the other books I don’t remember) and I HOPE he is going to get his own book. Perhaps with the shy librarian as a heroine *hint hint* It was also nice to see Melissa and Pea get their shit together somewhat (even though their whole open marriage thing still skeeves me out) but things are looking MIGHTY interesting for those two. All in all a fairly decent addition to this series.


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