Halloween Murder (Lucy Stone #3 & 16) By Leslie Meier


Halloween Murder Book Cover Halloween Murder
A Lucy Stone Mystery
Leslie Meier
Mystery, Cozy Mystery
August 28, 2018


For Lucy Stone, Halloween in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, the treats aren’t just sweet and delicious. Sometimes they’re also deadly . . .

Trick or Treat Murder
While Lucy Stone is whipping up orange-frosted cupcakes for her town’s annual Halloween festival, an arsonist is on the loose in Tinker’s Cove. When arson turns into murder, a little digging in all the wrong places puts Lucy too close to a shocking discovery that could send all her best-laid plans up in smoke . . .

Wicked Witch Murder
Not everyone in Tinker’s Cover is enchanted with newcomer Diana Ravenscroft and her quaint little shop offering everything from jewelry to psychic readings. But a gruesome murder of Diana’s friend has Lucy Stone uncovering a deadly web of secrets—and a spine-chilling brush with the things that go bump in the night . . .

“Reading a new Leslie Meier mystery is like catching up with a dear old friend.” —Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author

description This book was divided into two different mysteries. The first being TRICK OR TREAT MURDER and a second mystery that takes place many years later WICKED WITCH MURDER.


This one started off well, but then it lost a lot of steam the longer it went on. It was just a bit too drawn out in my opinion. There was a lot of unnecessary page space given to new baby and family issues that would have probably been better spent on developing the actual mystery. I also didn’t particularly care much for Lucy, and there were a few things the author wrote that rubbed me the wrong way. Especially implying that her husband would have jumped into bed with the attractive murder victim if she had given him any encouragement. Which made ZERO sense for her to say since her husband seemed to be a stand-up guy devoted to Lucy and his family? There were also comments about Yankees being stingy and a nurse being overweight and ugly, so ya, I was just a bit turned off by those things.
This one takes place several years later. Lucy’s kids who were young in the first book are all grown up now. Disappointedly, this one had ZERO to do with Halloween. Which, if I am honest, was the only reason I requested to review this book in the first place. That said, I did enjoy this one a smidge more than I did the first story. The plot seemed to move along at a better pace. Unfortunately, Lucy continued to be super annoying. She was a huge judgy b!tch and I just couldn’t stand her for most of the book. So yea, it was a little better executed than TRICK OR TREAT MURDER, but still, nothing to write home about. description
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