Her Legacy (The Foster House Legacy # 1) by Teresa Crumpton



The Foster House

The house is important, and so are you, hexe. The ancient ones foretold this. Yet, we’re still not sure. But we won’t kill you. We have killed before, those that didn’t have the blood. Your ancestors want to protect you; they need to. Blood is the key. He wants your blood.

Peace and harmony must be restored.

A house’s thirst for blood and a family secret are revealed when Alexis, a young empathic law student, inherits her family’s long forgotten estate, The Foster House.

An empathic law student is the key.

When Alexis moves in to The Foster House, she is surrounded by ghosts and a mysterious history. A history that is her legacy. But it’s not just the house she needs to worry about. An evil entity has enlisted the help of an ex-special ops Captain, Brenton Young, to manipulate Alexis’s life for his own dark purposes.

A family legacy will be revealed.

As the FBI, NSA, and local police close in on Brenton Young, Alexis enlists the help of her boss and secret crush, District Attorney, Josh Hampton. Together, can they solve the mysteries of the house and discover what her true legacy really is or will the answers they find lead to more questions & mysteries?


ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

DNF 60%

Unfortunately I had to call it quits on this one at 60%. I say unfortunately because the plot itself was really interesting. Alas the execution of said plot was lacking.

The writing just didn’t flow for me. Way too many unnecessary details…

“With the blood now back in her legs she headed for the door. Passing through the arched doorway she strolled to the open corridor behind the grand staircases, stopping once to gawk out the windows. The sky had transformed into a dark grayish-black, reminding her of the storms she’d seen as a kid before a tornado hit.”

Everything was described to the nth degree. The heroine couldn’t just bump into a chair, she had to bump into an antique high back Victorian chair.

Alas, it just became too distracting for me to ignore.



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