King of Blood By Kathryn Ann Kingsley



Title: King of Blood
Series: The Masks of Under #4
Author: Kathryn Ann Kingsley
Genre: Dark Adult Fantasy Romance
Release Date: June 18, 2019
Publisher: Limitless Publishing



The blood of my friend is on Aon’s hands, a King who would do anything to protect me. He believes his actions are justified because of a prophecy by the Ancients predicting my undoing by the hands of a friend. 
I refuse to accept it. Nothing can justify what Aon did, what he took from me. 
But as one threat is buried, another arises. The other Kings and Queens of Under are waking up from their crypts, and a war among us is imminent. The need for revenge and power is driving immortals to the brink of madness.
While the other Kings and Queens of Under are blinded by their own selfish conquests, something big and more dangerous than anything we’ve ever faced is about to shake Under to its core. 
There’s one King who seems to hold the key to it all, the answers to our fate. A white-winged angel, a legion whose mind is made of a thousand souls with magic strong enough to hold the Ancients captive at the bottom of the pool. 
The King of Blood.
I just need to determine whether he’s an ally…or the worst enemy Under has ever seen.











Kat has always been a storyteller. With ten years in script-writing for performances on both the stage and for tourism, she has always been writing in one form or another. When she isn’t penning down fiction, she works as Creative Director for a company that designs and builds large-scale interactive adventure games. There, she is the lead concept designer, handling everything from game and set design, to audio and lighting, to illustration and script writing. Also on her list of skills are artistic direction, scenic painting and props, special effects, and electronics. A graduate of Boston University with a BFA in Theatre Design, she has a passion for unique, creative, and unconventional experiences. In her spare time, she builds animatronics and takes trapeze classes.




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descriptiondescription4.5 Stars

Book four of a six book series and I am still really enjoying this story. I’ll keep this short and sweet as I have already reviewed the three previous books and don’t want to sound like a broken record. The writing, pace, and plot all remain top notch. Edu got his head out of his ass (finally). The prophecy we’ve heard so much about comes to pass in a twist. Part of which I had already guessed, but part of which broke my heart. 
descriptionAll the Kings and Queens have arisen. Lydia remains a strong heroine. Aon a sexy sadist you can’t help but love. SIDE NOTE: I still think these books would have been that much better with sex scenes…grumble. (lol) I’ll also admit that I find myself a little frustrated with the one step forward…five steps back pace of Lydia and Aon’s relationship. I get it, there are six books and we can’t have them happily ever after at the end of book one. But for a reader (at least this one) it gets a bit…I don’t know…frustrating? Tiresome? Repetitive?? How many times is something going to separate them when they JUST got back together?? However, that goes with the territory when you have six books dedicated to the same couple’s story. Last, we again end on a crazy cliffhanger and I will sit not patiently for book five…



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