King’s Horses By Lana Sky




Title: King’s Horses
Series: Savage Fall Duet #2
Author: Lana Sky
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: April 10, 2019


The harder the fall…
Ten years ago, Snowy Hollings betrayed the love of her life…
Or did she?
Blake Lorenz has finally broken the Hollings heiress but revenge doesn’t taste quite as sweet as he’d hoped. And as the murky depths of his past begin to come to light, the more he’s forced to realize that he may have made a grave mistake.
…the more brutal the redemption.
Destitute and disillusioned, Snowy is trying her best to piece her broken heart back together. But Blake isn’t the only man on her trail, desperate to claim her.
No good deed goes unpunished, after all.
And the truth has a way of destroying even the most resilient of hearts…




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Lana Sky is a quirky writer from the US who dabbles in dark, paranormal and contemporary romance. Her stories aren’t always typical, but contain a little something for everyone.




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descriptiondescriptionI am seriously discombobulated as F-CK right now. I mean, it says “DUET”, right? That implies TWO books, right? So…what the actual f-ck was that ending?? I am legit SO confused! (lol) descriptionStepping away from my confusion for a minute, there seems to be a pattern in my reading lately with duets where the second book never quite reaches the same greatness as book one. For 99% of this book, that wasn’t the case. This book was good. It kept me hooked. The writing was outstanding. The plot was deliciously dark and twisted. The characters well developed and intriguing. There were twists and turns. 

All good things…
description Unfortunately, there were also two very large issues that cost this book a higher star rating. One, the romance… or should I ask…what romance?? There was SO much anger, lies, manipulation, and frankly abuse between these two (that NEVER stopped) for the entire two books it made it impossible for me to connect to them as a couple. The one (or two) sex scenes we got were cold and borderline rapey. They never once sat down and have a decent, honest conversation. Which brings me to by FAR the biggest issue I had with this book (duet)…that f-cking ending??!! What in the actual f-ck (ya I am swearing a lot) was that? Am I being punk’d??!! Is there a third book coming? Because I don’t even know what to say! It was SO abrupt. It resolved nothing. There were loose ends EVERYWHERE. I legit don’t know what just happened… (lol) 

However, this seems to only be an issue with me, since other reviewers seem to love it, so keep that in mind before deciding on whether you want to give this one a read or not. 


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