Meeting The Unpredictable by Riann C. Miller



What happens when opposites attract?

Tyler has spent the last six years constructing his perfectly boring life, which is exactly the way he wants it. He spends his days hiding behind the protective walls he has so carefully built and has no intentions of changing . . . until he meets the unpredictable.

Lennie Jacobs is an intoxicating mess. She never stays anywhere long enough to form a solid relationship with anyone, including her family, because she has taught her fragile heart that love isn’t an option.

What started as a way to pass the time soon blossoms into something neither expected.

He was never meant to be permanent.
She can’t promise forever.
But, when life and love are on the line, everything changes.




O-M-G the Feels in the book…the F-E-E-L-S…THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU Riann Miller for gifting me an ARC of this fabulous book of yours.

“Lennie, I tried not to like you, but I couldn’t. I tried like hell not to fall in love with you, but I ended up loving everything about you. You make me crazy in a way I didn’t know was possible.”


Tyler Brooker spends his days locked away in his apartment working and avoiding all that life has to offer. Boring, safe and predictable, that’s the way he enjoys it. That’s the way he plans on keeping it, until one day the opposite of “boring, safe and predictable” knocks on his door asking to borrow some oil.

Lennie Jacobs is a tatted up rebel. Wandering from place to place and never setting down roots. Experience has taught Lennie that life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

What starts out as friendship soon turns into something more.

“You’re used to running, but Lennie you need to know something.” I put my arm around her waist and lock her body tight against mine. “If you run, I’ll chase you.” Her eyes flare as my heart rate increases. “You can run to the ends of the earth and I’ll still chase you because you matter to me. You’re a priority to me.”


I honestly don’t know how what to write in this review that would do this book an ounce of justice. I ADORED every minute of this thing. The writing is spectacular, so much so, I simply decided eating was of much less importance than me continuing to read this from cover to cover.

I ADORED Lennie. She was quirky and feisty and just lived a life on her own terms. No matter what people threw at her, she didn’t let it get her down. That said, my heart ACHED for her SO many times. And underneath the “in your face” attitude she had this heartbreaking vulnerability that just made me want to give her the biggest hug.

“Sometimes you have to walk in the dark in order to see the sunlight.” My hand freezes as she continues. “But nobody warns you that the darkness can last so unbelievably long that you can forget the sun exists.”

Tyler was a fantastic hero as well. Hurt by a huge betrayal six years earlier he now spends most of this time locked away and avoiding life. To say he wasn’t all that thrilled when Lennie pushed her way into his life would be an understatement. I loved watching Lennie slowly pull Tyler out of his self imposed prison and back into life. He was such a sweet and understanding hero. Even when Lennie made things difficult, hey stuck in there and wasn’t letting her go.

This also had some interesting side characters. Lennie’s sister and Tyler’s roommate seem like maybe they will be getting their own book (I hope so) Lennie’s parents and Tyler’s parents both needed to be smacked around at points during this book, as did Tyler’s brother Brandon. If this is indeed going to be a series, the groundwork was laid beautifully for it.

I honestly don’t know what else to say. I LOVED it. I laughed. I smiled. I cried like a little baby. It even had a wonderful epilogue (so rare lately) My recommendation…go forth and read this beautiful book.


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