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We are so excited to be sharing the release of MEMORIES OF US by Kennedy L. Mitchell.

MEMORIES OF US is a brand new standalone second chance romance – be sure to grab your copy today!




MEMORIES OF US is a standalone, second chance contemporary romance filled with twists and turns as a forgotten past is remembered.

I’m a desperate man.
The memories I’ve lost now threaten my future.
After years spent escaping my family’s high society drama I’m back in town to fix my past.
Only one person can help: The gorgeous and headstrong Rebeka Harding who hates me for something I can’t remember.
I’ll do anything including striking a unique deal with the one woman I want but can’t touch.
She agrees with one condition – just friends, no benefits.
We’ll see how long that lasts.

For thirteen years, I’ve resented Brenton Graves for deserting me.
I’ve tried to move on, refusing to think about what might have been.
Now he’s back in town, seeking redemption and looking as sexy as ever.
When he asks for my help, I know better than to accept.
But I will. Because no matter how much I want to hate Brenton, I don’t.
Five days to help him remember and for me to finally get closure.
It’s what I need, but his touch is what I crave.


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The tips of my fingers grasped the truck door handle, but a set of large hands gripped my shoulders and swiveled me, pushing my back against the scorching metal. The brisk walk and proximity to him had my heart thundering against my ribs and my chest heaving with each labored breath.

“Where in the hell are you going? I told you to stop,” he said, not even breathing hard after his chase.

“Home.” I shifted to turn, but his grip only tightened. “Let go, B. You did it once before. I’m sure it’ll be even easier the second time around.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he gritted out. “What did I do? Who did I leave?”

Mouth gaping, I relaxed a fraction, only to tense again when Kyle shoved Brenton so hard that the tight grip on my shoulders released.

“Get the fuck off her,” Kyle yelled, taking a step toward Brenton with his fists raised.

“Listen, I’m just trying to—”

“What do you mean, ‘What did I do’?” I asked, taking a step toward the two fuming men.
Brenton’s green eyes cut to mine. “I—fuck! Get the hell off me.” He shoved Kyle, sending him stumbling back several steps.

Attention back on me, Brenton moved closer, eyes searching mine. “It means I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I don’t understand why you’re so pissed. Hell, I don’t even know why I’m out here right now. All I know is—” He shot an annoyed look at Ryder and Kyle. “Can we have two seconds here?”




Kennedy lives in Dallas with her husband, son, and 80lb Goldendoodle who still believes he’s a lap dog. A bookworm at heart, Kennedy loves to snuggle up in bed or by the campfire with an unputdownable book. She began writing two years ago with Falling for the Chance and has no plans of stopping. Her novels are witty, action-packed, and offer enough steam for a great facial. If you like strong heroines and sexy, tattooed men who can’t keep their hands off them, then this author is the one for you.


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descriptiondescription3.5 Stars

Hmmm…so this turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I just adore this author’s writing, and this one was no different in that regard. It was also very well paced. The plot was engaging and certainly had me turning the pages. The sex scenes were suitably hot. It was somewhat angsty, but nothing too bad. There was no OW or OM drama (apart from a blip right at the start). It had a couple of interesting secondary characters (although I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Ryder). Last, it all wrapped up in a sweet ending.

descriptionMy main issue with this one was I just didn’t love either of the main characters. Something about Brenton just rubbed me the wrong way throughout the entire book. I *think* maybe I just needed him to grow a pair of balls and chase after the heroine. He seemed like a serious f-ck-up (drugs…maybe cheating <– I am waiting to hear from the author on that point) when they were younger (h-17, H-21), and now it is 13 years later, and he is back with a significant Eeyore complex that lasted throughout the entire book. I kind of felt like the onus should have been on HIM to fight for the relationship, at least once he got his memories back but it turned out that Rebeka basically did all the chasing. Which unfortunately made me feel like she was a bit of a doormat. Especially when she jumped right back into his arms…sigh. I guess I would have liked to see her make him work at it a bit. 
descriptionI don’t know…anyways…I still enjoyed it quite a lot. It wasn’t my favorite by this author, but like I have said many times before, you can’t love all book babies equally (lol). I am still a massive fan of Miz Mitchell’s writing (and the author herself because she is a LEGIT sweetheart), so I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for us next (maybe a book featuring Ryder? Kyle?). Whatever it is I will be standing front row center to get a copy in my little jazz hands (lol).


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