MIAH (Lane Brothers Book 2) by Kristina Weaver



As a Navy SEAL, it’s my job to plan and protect.

I guard my home and my family. I even tried to guard my heart, but Clara Elms broke down my walls, and now I have to rethink my strategy.

I was prepared to fight the militia spreading throughout the city, but now the threats are coming from all directions. Including Clara’s past and from within my own twisted family. Now that she’s mine, I’m twice as desperate to make sure we all make it out of this mess alive.

I came to New Orleans for a simple reason.

Six years was a long time to be under someone else’s control.

The problem is that I ran from one man straight to another. Well…Jeremiah Lane didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms. Not at first.

But unlike my crazy ex who continues to pursue me, Miah doesn’t wish to control me, only protect me. Especially after I become the villains’ next target.

To make matters more complicated, I get a call that changes life as I know it.


I read a few reviews before I decided to read this one, so I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I actually enjoyed it just as much as WYATT. Thankfully Miah pulled his head out of his ass fairly quickly!

Now Jace’s book, I am not sure about. I not a huge fan of the H/h using each other, but we’ll see I guess..




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