NEW RELEASE & ONLY 99C — Christmas Magic: A Series of Shorts by Muriel Garcia


Christmas Magic: A Series of Shorts By Muriel Garcia
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Mistletoe & Whiskey

Eve is suffering from the dreaded writer’s block. She feels like a change in scenery is much needed to get her creativity back so she packs up and leaves on the first flight available: Dublin, Ireland.
Enters Connor, the hot B&B owner, who seems to have set his eyes on Eve.
Will he be the source of inspiration she needs for her romance novel or will he become so much more?

A Holly Kinky Christmas

Blake doesn’t like Christmas. He could do without going back to London to celebrate it with his aunt and uncle but with his uncle dying, he wants to make the most of the time he has left with him.
On the train journey from Brighton to London, he meets Holly, a beautiful young woman who will make his train journey memorable.

All I Want For Christmas Is Santa

Joe has had feelings for his best friend, Daryl, for well over ten years. There are two issues to that, Daryl is straight and Joe doesn’t want to ruin their friendship so he never spoke up.
Joe is doing some last minute shopping with his sister, Mary, and they happen to see that Daryl is the guy behind the Santa suit at the Mall.
Mary dares Joe to go sit on Santa’s lap and flirt with him. Joe being unable to decline a dare, he obliges.
Will it ruin Daryl and Joe’s friendship or will it be the beginning of a new chapter in their lives? 

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