On His Terms (The Arrangement Series Book 1) By Madison Quinn


descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptionYet another book that I am struggling to decide a rating on. I enjoyed it overall, but it didn’t exactly blow me away…sigh. I’ll start with the issues I had first (bad news always first, right?).

One, this book was incredibly LONG and so frigging WORDY. It took forever for these two to even officially meet (40%??) and there were so many things that could have been trimmed from the story to speed things up. Not to mention the repetitive use of HIM, HER, SHE. I get it, they didn’t want to name the people that hurt them, but god almighty they are not Voldemort they can be named. Use their damn names! Even after we actually find out the hero’s ex’s name, he goes back to calling her SHE. 

Two, this was a clean romance. That is right, ZERO sex, and just a few chaste kisses. Maybe the next book will have sex (shrug), but I like some spice to my romances, so I was super bummed out by this. 

Third, speaking of second books, this ends on a #”¤/()(%”! CLIFFHANGER! I’ve already mentioned that this book was super long and super wordy, then to have it end on a cliffhanger, ya, my tablet just about hit the wall. This story could very well have been wrapped up in a single book. I don’t see what these two are going to do for another 305 pages, especially since they ain’t having any sex (lol).
descriptionThat said, it wasn’t all bad. The writing was pretty good (apart from the aforementioned overuse of him, her, and she). I liked the setup of the story. It was sweet. There wasn’t any OW or OM drama. It had some great secondary characters. The hero was quite likable (most of the time). The heroine was pretty much perfect. I enjoyed the chemistry between the main couple. I enjoyed the friendship they developed. I am usually not a fan of flashbacks, but they worked well in this instance. 

SIDE NOTE: There is on page physical abuse in the flashbacks, so do be aware of that if you find situations like that triggering. So yea, it was OK. I *think* I am intrigued enough to see where this author is heading with this couple, but I hope to heavens the next book is the final one!description


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