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Author: Morgan Reeves
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Day: October 11th


~About Bedroom Hymns~

They took me, broke me, remade me in their image. I am branded by their twisted ambitions; martyred by their greed. They ground me down until I was everything they wanted and more, and at the end, I thanked them for it.




They forced me to love them, and then they cast me aside like yesterday’s trash. But they taught me to be the best. So that’s exactly what they’ll get.

Because in the end…

Revenge is sweeter than love.

And they’ll never see me coming.


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“Do you still hate us?” he asked when the credits were rolling.

I glanced up, tracing the faint scar at his hairline with my eyes. A memento of that ill-fated night. He’d never said anything about that time. Never berated or raged. It hadn’t even affected the way he treated me. He was just Dominic.

Sweet, cruel Dominic.

“Yes,” I said. I didn’t bother trying to soften the word. “I’ll always hate you for what you did. But now I love you all, too. It blurs the lines a bit.”

The corners of his eyes crinkled with his smile. He was getting older. I could see bits of silver at his temples now that I thought to look. Did he notice? Worry? Care?

Probably not. His life didn’t depend on his looks, after all.

“You love me?” he asked, the teasing evident in his light, lilting tone.

In answer, I leaned forward and kissed him, letting our tongues tangle and glide against each other. His teeth grazed my lower lip and I shuddered and broke away.

“Yes. I love you.”

The light slowly dimmed from his velvety brown eyes until he was serious once more. “But not like you love Cole,” he said. No reproach to his words. No jealousy.

I laughed, and almost winced at how brittle and caustic the sound was. “It’s impossible to love anyone that same way I love Cole,” I said. “There’s too much loathing mixed in with it to be matched by anyone else. Be glad I don’t love you like I do him.”

Dom’s hand reached up to cup my cheek and for some reason, the gesture struck me as so tender and loving that I felt tears sting behind my eyes. I blinked them back, refusing to show such weakness.

It was beneath me to cry.

I was a warrior.

A fighter.

“I’ll always be here, sweetheart,” he murmured, kissing my forehead. “When he breaks you, I’ll always pick up the pieces.”

I leaned into him, luxuriating in his heat and steadiness. My gentle beast. My savage gentleman.


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~About the Author~

Morgan Reeves is the author of the Never Ever After series. When she isn’t writing, Morgan chases around two energetic minions and tries to convince her loving husband that a miniature pig would make a great pet. She is also extremely fond of iced tea and hot coffee. You can find her books on all major retail sites, and she always loves to hear from readers so feel free to send her a message through Facebook at Morgan currently lives in Raleigh, NC.

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