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Title: Four Real
Author: Alyssa Turner
Genre: MFMM Ménage and More
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: 12/5/16


Her love is greedy.  Their love is infinite. MFMM – Ménage and More  

Hill, Pete, Marty and Tricia spent their youth trying to get famous. Eight years later it’s time to see if they can get back together in the only way that counts. Take the fame, the fortune, the girls beating down his door…Hill just wants the woman he loves back in his life, and he doesn’t mind sharing with his two best friends. 

Her love is greedy.  Their love is infinite

They spent their youth trying to get famous. Eight years later it’s time to see if they can get back together in the only way that counts. Ménage and more.

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When the doorbell rang she nearly jumped out of her skin. Hill was alone, his acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder. Tricia half expected to find Marty and Pete behind him on the porch. Whether she was hoping for a chaperone, or an audience she wasn’t sure.

“Hey,” he said with something expectant in his sapphire eyes.

“Hotdogs are boiling,” Tricia said, knowing that it didn’t answer the question she’d read in his gaze.

“Cool,” he replied with a nod. He stepped through the doorway into the modest living room and smiled. “The place hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Except for the new couch.”

“And the new you, all grown up.” Hill took three slow steps towards her. “I can’t even describe how much I missed you.”

The burn on Tricia’s cheeks couldn’t quite rival the chills down her spine. “I missed you too, Hill.”

He stopped in his tracks and just looked at her for a moment. Tricia suddenly felt pinned in the narrow path of his gaze. He took two steps closer, pressing into her personal space, only inches from touching.

“What are we doing? Why are we dancing around this?” He said, the heat of him through the hoodie permeating her cotton t-shirt. His lips brushed against hers; his hands found their way to the curve of her jaw.

“I don’t know.” Right then with the pads of his fingers pressing just hard enough to show her that he didn’t want to let go for anything, Tricia could not think of one good reason why they shouldn’t kiss. So she took a leap of faith and leaned in, catching his lip with a soft nip of her teeth before he released his hunger for her. He kissed her so deeply that Tricia melted in surrender.

Author Bio

If you asked her, she’d say it all started with her vast collection of paper dolls.  That’s how long Alyssa Turner has been crafting intricate story lines full of twists and turns and memorable characters.  Thirty years later, her stories are now quite grown up. 

She writes erotica and erotic romance in all lengths, having been featured in the notable anthologies of Best Women’s Erotica, edited by Violet Blue and several from Rachel Kramer Bussel.  With her proclivity for the ménage genre, Alyssa is often recognized for weaving complexity and emotional depth into her characters and plots.

Alyssa has more than several full-length novels under her belt and no two stories are the same. For Alyssa, it’s much more fun to try something new.   Read more about Alyssa Turner and preview her published works on her blog.

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I enjoyed this one, but I didn’t LOVE it. The dynamic of the menage just felt off to me for some season. Maybe it was because Marty and Pete are an already established due (so much so they are getting married.) And Tricia and Hill seemed to be a separate couple. I don’t think I am explaining it well. They just never melded together as a cohesive menage for me and because of that, the whole relationship felt off. With Hill often times feeling like a third wheel.

I also felt it was a bit slow to get to the point. I think if the story were longer and the author had spent more time building a relationship us the readers were privy too, then maybe the menage would have worked better for me. I don’t know. Like I said something just felt off to me through the whole book.

That said, the writing was decent. The bones for a potentially awesome story were there. The characters were likable. I just think it needed a bit more fleshing out IMO.


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