RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — A Touch of Lust by Michelle Horst

 Title: A Touch of Lust
Series: A Feather’s Touch #1
Author: Michelle Horst
Genre: Romance
Release Date: February 2, 2017


The way of the commune is the only way I know. Born into sin, I have to repent daily.
If we follow the laws of the Brothers, our sins will be forgiven, and they will take us with them to The Promised Land. All I have been taught is that I’m bad, shameful and a whore.

But, in the deepest part of my heart I can’t help but wonder about life. Is the way of The Order really the only way?

I listen to the teachings. I watch my sisters as they dutifully do what they’re told.
With every passing day I can feel my faith slipping away. How can I believe in something that feels so wrong? I feel like an outsider.
I feel like I don’t belong anywhere until I meet Liam. The first man to show me what love is turns out to be just like the rest of them.

I’m done putting my faith in men. I’ll save myself.


Cults – I have this intense hunger for revenge against them.
Because of them, my sister took her own life.

Instead of getting my revenge, I get Mila. She changes things. But when I begin to unravel the secrets of her past that revenge comes back. I can’t forgive her for belonging to a cult. I blame her.
There’s only one problem, somehow that love I felt for her is coming back and my hate is turning to lust.In the end I’m the one who needs saving.
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My first instinct is to cover myself, but the scorching look in his eyes makes me stand still.

My conscience screams at me that this is wrong, but it’s quickly silenced by the sinner in me.

“Don’t look at me like I’m your ticket to the promised land, babe. I’ll only lead you to hell.”

Heat spreads through my body and tiny tongues of desire lick at my skin.

“You make me want to be a bad girl,” I whisper. My voice is hoarse with sinful need.

I want to feel his touch. I want to be defiled by him.

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International bestselling author of Predator, The Monster Series and many others. She loves writing anything from Young Adult to Suspense Romance.

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Where do I begin with this review? Part of me wants to just say “READ THIS BOOK YOU WON’T REGRET IT” and leave it at that. Because even though I feel like I have said these exact words on more than a few occasions lately, whatever I write in this review will not come close to doing justice to how much I LOVED this book. It was simply BEAUTIFUL. It was emotional. It was sweet. It was sexy. The writing was fantastic. The plot was original and well paced. It had angst and drama. It had an amazing group of secondary characters (I really hope they get books as well). Two well developed and likable main characters. Both with a common background that shaped them and their decisions. Decisions that broke my heart and made me frustrated at times. All wrapped up in a very bittersweet ending.description
It was ALMOST a perfect book for me. Two things stopped it from being 5 Stars. One, I thought Liam’s reaction to Mila pushing him away before their separation was a little over the top. I understood his past was fueling that reaction, so his immediate response I understood. But to not contact her and stay mad for 3 YEARS seemed a bit much. If you love someone as much as Liam said he loved Mila, you don’t let them go without a fight. I found this bit of the book disappointing.The second thing was that when they get back together the reconciliation happens WAY too easy. Three years of hurt and anger and it’s ALL forgotten and forgiven in the span of a couple hours? This made the ending feel a little bit rushed for me. The author spent a great deal of time building up this story, just to wrap everything up at warp speed. In a way, I wish this would have been a duet with the first ending with the separation and the second book picking up three years later. Then the author could have spent more time building up the whole cult and rescuing Mila’s sister angle. As well as exploring a more adult relationship between Liam and Mila.

That said, those two things were MINOR glitches for me, so don’t let them turn you away from this one. Two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly.


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