RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Heartthrob By Katie McCoy

Title: Heartthrob
Author: Katie McCoy
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: November 28, 2017


Move over, Colin Firth – there’s a new Darcy in town! 
Jax Hawthorne is Hollywood’s sexiest bad boy. I’m a glorified secretary who thinks color-coding my library is a wild Friday night. So when he shows up after all this time wanting to make good on our childhood deal to tie the knot, it’s not because he can’t resist my perfect credit score.
He needs a fake girlfriend to rehab his reckless image, and I’m the (safe, sensible) girl for the job. I would be insulted… if the proposal didn’t come with an all-expenses-paid trip to England while he shoots a new movie version of ’Pride & Prejudice.’ 
Goodbye, my dumpster fire of a dating life. Hello, steamy nights with a chiseled hunk who knows all the right moves.
Soon, I’m knee-deep in the English mud – and on-set drama. But all our fake-smoldering is getting my very real panties in a twist. It turns out, Jax is so much more than just a reckless playboy. He makes me want to forget our ‘arrangement’.. and break all the rules. 
Can our pretend romance turn to something real? Or will scheming actresses, control-freak PR crews, and a pesky little thing called love ruin the best (fake) relationship of my life? 
Find out in the hot, hilarious new romance from Katie McCoy!







Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical. A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn’t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.





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descriptiondescriptiondescriptionSo color me surprised, but I enjoyed this one way more than I thought I would. I’ll be honest I am not a fan of actor heroes or rock star heroes, really any famous type of hero. Mostly because generally the plots are always filled with OW drama, and the heroes are always uber manwhores. Neither was the case in this one thankfully. Oh, he wasn’t a saint, since the whole reason he needs a “fake” girlfriend is to makeover his reputation, but he didn’t seem to be a walking STD, so that was a bonus.
descriptionOnto the deets…the writing was fantastic in this one. The pace was perfect. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. I loved the Jane Austen influence and the British setting. It was charming. It was romantic. It was cute. It had witty banter. I didn’t find particularly angsty, and there was no OW/OM drama. It was a bit of a slow burn (no sex until 60%), but I didn’t mind the wait as Penny and Jaxon had great on page chemistry. It had an excellent array of secondary characters that consisted of couples from previous books and I especially liked the friendship between Penny and one of Jax’s costars. I hope we will be seeing more of her at some point. 
descriptionBoth main characters were immensely likable. I ADORED both Jax AND Penny equally and let me tell you that is a VERY rare thing to happen. Penny was smart and sassy and wore her heart on her sleeve. Jax was sexy (hello Mr. Darcy) and sweet. Oh sure I wanted to slap him upside the head near the end, and I wish it wouldn’t have taken him so long to get his head out of his ass, but that was the way it played out, so whatcha gonna do? To that point, and this is where the book lost half a star for me, the ending felt a bit rushed. I *think* I would have preferred a bit more groveling on Jaxon’s part. Lastly, it was all wrapped up in a sweet epilogue that maybe could have included a further into the future look at this couple. That said since couples from other books tend to pop up in new books I am guessing this wasn’t the last we will see this pair so I wasn’t overly bothered by it. 

I am going to wrap this up now as I seem to have written a book length review at this point and say, this one gets two huge thumbs up from yours truly.description


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