Title: Hush
Author: Nicole Hart
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Release Date: October 25, 2017


Sometimes, we’re taught to hide our truth.
We’re led to believe it’s our own fault.
As if somehow, we should protect the evil that was unleashed upon us.
We’re convinced the punishment will swallow us whole.
But maybe, the only way to let go of the fear is to expose the devil.
Look him in the eyes and give him the F*ck You that he’s always deserved.
Darkness surrounds me.
Flames engulf me.
Born from the ashes.
Like the phoenix,
I will rise.







Nicole Hart is a contemporary romance author with a new love for psychological thriller and mystery. She is a lover of storytelling. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids. She’s from the one red light town of Boyd, Texas and enjoys life on her old country road. She survives on coffee, sarcasm and old country music. 





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descriptiondescriptiondescriptionI enjoyed this one quite a lot. That said, I also had a few issues that lowered my rating a bit. I’ll start with the good. I found this one to be fairly well written and paced. The author has a very readable writing style. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. This isn’t a romance at all, more a psychological thriller in my opinion. So there weren’t any sex scenes. I enjoyed the two sisters and felt the author did a fairly good job fleshing out their characters and backgrounds.
descriptionWhich leads me to the issues I had with this one. I didn’t think there was enough fleshing out of a certain character to support the twist at the end. We skip from when they are kids to twelve years later, and I wished the author had spent a bit less time with the characters as kids and gave us some insight into what all the characters were doing in the twelve intermittent years. I needed to be able to at least buy into the twist and I just couldn’t because we get no details on how we got from point A (kids) to point B (twist). On top of that, I felt the ending was rushed. With really no explanation as to the “why.” It left me confused as to the motive. We are also left with some loose ends that are never explained. And what about justice for the loved ones who lost people?So yea, this one is a bit of a pickle to rate. Like I said, for most of the book I enjoyed it a lot. I was intrigued and excited to see where it was headed. But…sigh. The underdeveloped twist and the ending really let this one down for me. I am going to go with a 3.5 for this one and call it good since it pretty much falls right between 3-4.description


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