RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Last Breath By Kerri Ann

Title: Last Breath
Author: Kerri Ann
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 27, 2018


I dream of adventure. 

 I dream of more than this life. 

 I dream of having that great love of a lifetime. 
As the only caregiver to my ailing, dementia-clouded, hateful grandmother, my life is stagnant. That means no great love story, no fun, no excitement, and only a regimented routine to keep what’s left of my sanity intact. 
Maybe sanity is overrated. 
Appearing on my doorstep, covered in darkness and seeping death, Malachi and Salem weren’t the men you’d find in an advertisement for adventure. They weren’t who you’d call your best friend, giddy and lovesick over. They were dangerous. But I wasn’t afraid; I was excited. 
They’ve shown me what unconditional love is. 
Body and soul, I’m theirs. They’ve changed me. 
Salem and Malachi mean more to me than my next breath.



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With an avaricious appetite for stories, Kerri Ann can be found quite often with her nose in a book or writing it. On many occasion it has been said that she’s in her own world, living in the stories of those she reads about, giving them a life they deserve.
She can easily be found under a tree in the shade, or reclining at Starbucks scribbling notes about new stories and new characters, all while keeping the coffee chain in business.
Whether late at night, at a music festival, or sitting on a ski lift, when the thoughts arise, Kerri Ann will add them to those in progress. So be wary, your antics could be in her next book.

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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription~WRITING – PLOT – PACE~
This book checked every single one of my dirty twisted boxes. That is until (HIGHLIGHT TO SEE SPOILER) the end. I HATED the ending of this one…f-cking hated it. BOO. HISS. BAH. Setting that issue aside this was a fantastic read. The writing was amazing. This was a pretty quick read and featured three different POVs (Salem, Malachi, and Joy’s). The pace was perfect. The plot was incredibly engaging. It was dark. It was twisted. It was hot. It was AlMOST perfect.


SALEM & MALACHI… I loved both of these characters. They were f-cked up beyond belief but they were also strangely sweet and endearing (lol). Not to mention smokin’ hot together. I loved how with the addition of Joy they became a twisted little family.


JOY…I adored her character as well. She was just as twisted and f-cked up as Salem and Malachi and I loved every single minute of it. 
There are basically no secondary characters of mention in this one. The entire focus of the book is on Salem, Malachi, and Joy. 


Medium. There are quite a few smokin hot sex scenes in this one. It’s a menage so there is M/M sex and MMF sex. Lots of sex that includes blood and gore. 


None. I didn’t find this one angsty at all. At least relationship wise. A few bumps here and there but nothing that causes issues within the trio. Obviously what they embark on and the repercussions of their acts causes some angst. There was no OW or OM drama. Both (anti) heroes had never been with a woman before and it is never said specifically but I don’t think Joy was a virgin.


Apart from the (HIGHLIGHT TEXT TO SEE SPOILER) ending this one was AMAZING. Ya sure, it was probably a (HIGHLIGHT TEXT TO SEE SPOILER) fitting ending but I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. That said, 99% of it was awesome so I am going to try not to whine TOO much. I love this author’s writing, she does dark and twisted very well and this book was no different in that respect. It had me hooked from the first page until the last page. Therefore yours truly is going to give this one two HUGE thumbs up.descriptiondescription


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