RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW — Roulette By CD Bradley

 Title: Roulette
Author: CD Bradley
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 1, 2017



Roulette is a game of chance where you bet your life on a little bouncing ball…

An invitation to the Sexy and Sassy Author Event? Attorney Olivia Hastings turned the card over in her hands. At first, she thought it must have come by mistake, but the name on the return address caught her eye. Piper Barringer. Though a decade had passed since she had seen her roommate from undergrad, just reading her name put a smile on Olivia’s face. Could it really have been ten years?
Deciding to accept Piper’s invitation, Olivia expected to spend a much needed girls weekend catching up with an old friend. She expected to be a little bored hearing about book boyfriends and romance, two things she had absolutely no time for. She never expected the case she had waited her whole career for to crack wide open. She never expected her world to be turned upside down. She never expected to meet Dominic Kain.
As the odds stack up against her, will Olivia take the safe bet or will she go all in?



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Oh Fuck! It couldn’t have been. Sweat beaded up on his forehead.  Dominic Kain took a deep breath and walked quickly toward the elevator. He had to get the fuck out of there.  He just needed some fresh air and a fucking drink. There was no goddamn way. Everyone has a doppelganger right? He was just tired. This was crazy. What hell was he even doing here? He had been walking through the upper level when her voice floated up and took his breath. Like a moth to a deadly flame he had been drawn to the balcony and there she was. So casually she just walked in as if she wasn’t ripping him apart.  He could feel every move she made. Each breath she took flowed through him. What the fuck?  Had she seen him? What would it matter if she had. She didn’t know him from Adam. Fuck he really was going crazy. But he knew every move by heart. The impatient way she tapped her delicate finger on her overnight bag. The dark waves that caressed her expensive suit. The curve of her legs into those fuck you heels. He choked back the urge to run down the stairs and pull her into his arms. What he needed was a drink. He was not about to accost a complete stranger. But he knew exactly how she would taste and nothing else on earth would do to quench this thirst. He stepped into the elevator,  pushed the button for the fourth floor and closed his eyes.

Author Bio

I’m just a girl who likes to daydream and sometimes I write them down to share. Growing up, the literary world was my safe haven. A wonderful place of fantasy beyond the bounds of reality. As an adult, I put that behind me to practice medicine. My husband and I owned our own practice, had two children and lived a somewhat normal life. Fate had other plans. In the span of a year, we sold our practice, bought a 96 acre farm in the hills of West Virginia and adopted 3 of our patients (ages 1,3,4).  It has been an adventure of ups and downs and learning to laugh at ourselves. Yet, somewhere in the midst of kids, chickens, and toothpaste covered dogs, I began to write again. My late night / early morning escape lets me dream beyond all limits.  I hope that you will enjoy the journey of the story as much as I have writing it.


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descriptiondescriptiondescriptionI like this cover. Good representation of the story. Good use of graphics. Great composition.description


descriptionOh man, I do not even know where to start with this book. The first 85% of this one was good. It was pretty well written. The pace was fine. The heroine was a bit hard to warm up to. She was a judgy bitch for the first 40%, but she did get better after that. I liked Dominic even if his speech was a little on the flowery side at times. The mystery aspect was interesting as well.

descriptionBUT and it is a massive but, at 70% I started to get an inkling where this one was going, and I said a little prayer to the romance gods that I was wrong. Unfortunately, at 85% my fears were realized, and the wheels fell WAY off the damn bus. What followed was a gag worthy trope that I LOATHE with a passion and more OTT soap opera like drama to fill 25 seasons. Obviously, I can’t expound of what that twist was without giving away a HUGE spoiler, but suffice it to say it was on the extreme end.

Which leaves me in a quandary. If I enjoyed most of the book but the last 15% destroyed all that enjoyment what is a fair rating? I am going to set it at 3-Stars for now and give myself more time to ponder on it.description


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