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Savage Final Ebook

They call him a monster.

Pale blue eyes as cold as ice that see right through you.

He’s hard.

He’s damaged.

He’s dangerous.

He lives in a castle fit for a fairy tale, but he’s no prince.

He’s savage.

He’s brutal.

He’s a killer.

By an act of fate, our worlds collide.

They call him a monster, but he is my salvation.



Release Day | November 21

November 14 Savage-2


L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including Beautifully Damaged, Collecting the Pieces and His Light in the Dark. Her favorite movie is Star Wars, a love her son shares. They hope to build their own Millennium Falcon one day. She would like to meet the Winchester Boys to thank them for enlightening her on the versatility of salt as not just a food enhancer, but as protection from supernatural threats. And she thinks it would be interesting to be a zombie, to get an idea of what life is like as a brain-addicted fiend so she can be their voice to tell their side of the story. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and kids, their two spoiled cats and their awesome dog.


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descriptiondescriptiondescriptionI am going to start by saying this was a really pretty book. The little graphics before each chapter were a nice touch. That said it was also a really enjoyable book. The writing was fantastic. It had a bit of an atmospheric fairytale quality to it. The pace was OK. I found it maybe a smidge too long and slow at times. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. The mystery aspect was good, but I think it could have been a bit more fleshed out. Along with Brochan’s profession. I loved the setting (Scotland). It was heartbreaking at times. It was feel good at times. It made me cry. It made me smile. There wasn’t any OW/OM drama, but there was an OW sex scene that takes place before the hero and heroine meet. That type of thing can be iffy for me. It depends on how picky I am being and if the OW causes problems going forward. In this case, I wasn’t overly bothered by it. I didn’t find it particularly angsty. The sex scenes were fairly hot but not erotica level detailed. The secondary characters were intriguing and added some good depth to the story.
descriptionBoth the main characters were amazing. I ADORED Lizzie. She was smart. She was a fighter. She was feisty. She had a huge heart and accepted everything that was Brochan without censor or hesitation. She was honestly one of the best heroines I have read all year. Brochan was a bit more complicated. He had that sexy, brooding thing down to a science. At times I wanted to smack him so hard, and at other times I wanted to squeeze the stuffing out of him. That said, I understood why he behaved the way he did, and I couldn’t help falling in love with him myself. Both these characters backgrounds will break your heart but that made them perfect for each other and the ending that much sweeter. Lastly, this was all wrapped up in a wonderful epilogue that will leave you all warm and fuzzy and with a smile on your face. Nothing left to say, this one gets two solid thumbs up from yours truly.description


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