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✮✮✮A delicious world of erotica, BDSM with alpha-subs and their Dommes, and a gripping love story…
Welcome to The Bee’s Honey! The first book in New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley’s Honey Series.
THE DEEP END is a seductive and rich love story now available!

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About THE DEEP END (Erotic Romance Releasing March 7, 2017)

Enter a decadent sensual world where gorgeous alpha males are committed to fulfilling a woman’s every desire…

Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he joins the Honey Club, only that a dark part of him hungers for the lifestyle offered by this exclusive club. Here, no boundary will be left untested…and one’s deepest fantasies will become an exquisite reality.

When Amélie invites Olivier to surrender, she gives the alpha submissive what he craves. Soon they both find themselves falling harder than they ever anticipated—but as their connection deepens, the truth about Olivier’s past could destroy everything…

Gripping and seductive, The Deep End is the first book in a sensational new series from bestselling author Kristen Ashley.

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As he slowly closed the door behind him and moved his eyes to look through the room, taking it in, she watched them get wide.

They dropped to her and his amusement was clear. Not only radiating from his gaze but twitching his lips.

Another unusual—and unacceptable—reaction.

He thought this was funny.

She hoped like fuck she had the opportunity to prove him wrong.

She crossed her arms on her chest and slightly put out a foot, like she was about to start tapping her toe. In the wrap dress she wore, she knew this opened the overlap, not exposing anything, but the promise for him was impossible to resist.

His attention dropped to her legs.

“In the playrooms,” she began with a snap, and his gaze cut to hers, “I want eye contact. Unless otherwise instructed, you should not only feel free to look me directly in the eyes, if I’m in your line of sight or I’m not giving you something that your body’s natural reaction would make it difficult to meet my gaze, I require it.”

She stood there staring as he did nothing but dip his chin in acknowledgment.


Exceptionally cheeky.


“Unless I’ve asked for their silence or for them to ask for leave to speak, I also require my toys to respond when they’re spoken to. Even if it’s only a ‘yes, Mistress,’ or ‘no, Mistress.’”

His stance relaxed, like he was settling in at the beginning of a show he found vaguely intriguing, and his deep rumble of a voice bounced like boulders through the room. “Yes, Mistress.”

Christ, even his voice declared his challenge.

“Excellent,” she allowed. “Your name?”

“Olivier,” he answered.


Also unusual, at least in this country. And interesting.

She liked it a great deal.

She studied him.

He let her, holding her eyes.

“I’m Mistress Amélie,” she eventually informed him.

“I know. You got a lotta fans out there…Mistress.”

The hesitation over him saying “Mistress” gave less of the impression he was testing her and more of the strange impression the word was unpracticed when, with any experienced sub, it would slip right off their tongue.

She made no comment to that.

“There are things we should go over,” she remarked.

“Right,” he stated, his big body adjusting again, now like he was settling in further, intent on giving her the same attention he would a flight attendant who gave the safety address.

That being no more than a courtesy.

She fought the shiver his actions created but allowed the irritation.

“Your safe word is kitten,” she stated.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You’re open to any kind of play,” she went on.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“It’s important and now’s the time to share should there be anything you wish me to shy away from, Olivier. Especially as this is the first time I’ve played with you.”

Something in his eyes flashed. Blue eyes that were the color of nothing and everything. Not sky. Not sea. Not midnight. A pure blue that only existed in the unchartable depths of a rainbow.

She felt that flash snake up between her thighs, taking residence in her womb.

He wanted this conversation done so she would play with him. He wanted the preliminaries over so they’d get to the good stuff.

He wanted her.

She stared into those blue eyes and for a moment felt mesmerized.

For God’s sake, Leigh, she berated herself in an effort to pull it together. Rainbow?

“Olivier,” she prompted.

“I’m open to anything,” he confirmed.

Kristin Ashley - headshotAbout Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA and nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn’t taken her first breath!). Her mother said they took Kristen away, put her Mom back in her room, her mother looked out the window, and Gary was on fire (Dr. King had been assassinated four days before). Kristen’s Mom remembered thinking it was the end of the world. Quite the dramatic beginning.

Nothing’s changed.

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana and has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus, she’s blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her family was (is) loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. They all lived together on a very small farm in a small farm town in the heartland. She grew up with Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing, it keeps getting better.




descriptionThis cover is OK. It is certainly better than some of her other covers that’s for sure. It’s a good representation of the story within. Good composition. Ok typography (why is the title in lower case??) It’s bright and eye-catching as well.description

description If you know me, then you know that KA and I haven’t been the best of friends lately. Apart from the Daisy novella, her last eight or nine books have been total misses for me. In fact, I had pretty much given up on her ever getting back to the greatness that was the ROCK CHICKS or SWEET DREAMS or MOTORCYCLE MAN or KNIGHT…well you get the picture. That said my curiosity got the better of me for this one and I requested an ARC. Since her same-same wasn’t working for me then MAYBE something entirely different from her would. What can I say, I am an optimist…

Well, I ended up liking this one. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it with the passion of a thousand white-hot suns like some of her other recent ones, but I didn’t find myself overly engaged in it either. I found it dull and long winded (I know I know it’s KA she is ALWAYS long winded) in places. Both Amèlie and Olivier were prone to go off on pages and pages of inner dialogue that after awhile had me skimming. Pretty much anything outside of Amèlie and Olivier interacting had me losing interest.

I didn’t connect with Amèlie and Olivier as a couple either. Mostly because I just didn’t like Amèlie. It wasn’t that she was a Domme. It wasn’t that she was older than Olivier (a year). It was that she just came off so cold and hard and frigging PRETENTIOUS. With her annoying little French endearments and her total disregard for Olivier’s requests. OMG, she annoyed me!

How she was top Domme at this place boggles the mind. Olivier’s and her first scene he tells her he doesn’t like humiliation, doesn’t like being watched and isn’t really into “ass play” What does she do? She ties him down, spreads his ass open and opens the blinds for everyone to watch. In real life, this chick would have been out on her ass and banned from ANY respectable club. Her whole “You are in my room, so you do what I want” crap was appalling. That pretty much ruined her character from the start. That said as the book went on she I did start to warm up to her a bit but I never came to like her completely.

Olivier, on the other hand, I really liked. I’ve read books with males subs before, so this wasn’t a new thing for me. I liked how he submitted, but he had an edge. He was an alpha male struggling with his need to let go in the bedroom. It felt real to me, and it worked. I like when he stood up to Amèlie and called her out on her behavior. I wish we would have seen more of him (both of them) outside the club.

There is a TON of sex in this one. In fact, for the first 70%, it is ALL these two do. Scene after scene in the club. To be honest (and I can’t believe I am saying this) there were too many sex scenes that went on WAY too long. I started to skim them because they got repetitive with Amèlie doing the same things to Olivier every time. They never did ANYTHING outside the club but talk on the phone for three-quarters of the book. It made it hard to connect with them as a couple on a deeper level. Not to mention some of the sex scenes made me laugh. I mean seriously calling the base of his dick “the seat of his meat”? I laughed for ten minutes straight.

Wrapping this up because I feel like I have already written a book-length review on this one. I enjoyed this enough that I will read the next book mostly because Branch intrigued me in this one. In fact, there were quite a few interesting side characters in this book that I am curious in hearing more about (Barclay, Stellan, Aryas.) Like I said, I am an optimist, so hopefully, the next one will be better. I’m not writing this series off yet.description



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