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Vigil Andi BC Shannon Ebook Final[38248] You probably won’t like me very much. In fact, I’d venture to say that you’ll likely hate me. I get it. The hardest part for you though is that you’re going to hate yourself just a little bit too because I’m going to challenge your morals. You’re going to find yourself rooting for me and trying to justify what I do and that… that’s what will make you hate yourself.

Being a vigilante is hard work, so judge me if he must. Just know that what I’m doing is for the greater good. And yes, before you ask, I believe in God. I believe that He is the ultimate judge and jury, but someone has to help those who can’t help themselves. Why me? I’m just the one filling the role that I was fated for.


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RELEASE | November 21 Vigil Andi

RELEASE | Vigil Andi

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I love to read! It’s become such a big part of my life over the years that I decided to give life to the characters that were running around in my head. This process is still very new for me, but I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I do!

I’m married with 2 wonderful kids. Honestly, they’re great. I’m a lucky girl. We live in Indiana on Lake Michigan and are fortunate enough to experience 4 seasons every year.

I’m a huge animal lover. We share our home with dogs, cats, and a chameleon right now. They make each day an experience.

Our kids are very active in many sports, but gymnastics and baseball occupy the majority of our time. If you have kids in sports, you’ll be able to relate to my first book, Raising The Bar. .Book Two is called Surprise Six, which is Tangier and Judge’s book and a continuation of book one.

My new book, Vigil Andi, was quite a challenge and not anything I thought I’d ever write. It consumed me for almost a year, but so happy to share it with you! If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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descriptiondescriptiondescriptionWhat a surprisingly delightful little book this turned out to be! I’ve never read anything by this author before and I went into this one blind and with only the blurb as a guide. And I can honestly say I pretty much loved it from beginning to end. 
descriptionI found it to be very well written and paced. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. I am usually not a fan of books that flip-flop from past to present, but in this case, it worked extremely well and helped give us much needed background on the characters. There is a bit of romance. A tiny bit of sex. A lot of action. Some twists and turns. A few secondary characters that added a nice layer to the story. And I LOVED Andi. I know in the blurb it says “You probably won’t like me very much, in fact, I’d venture to say that you’ll likely hate me.” Ya, not so much. Not sure what that says about me but I adored Andi and all her vigilante ways.
descriptionThat said, a couple of things kept this from a higher rating. I would have liked a bit more fleshing out of certain parts of the story. A little more background (a bit more WHY) on the Academy angle. And although I am glad the author gave those of us an optional epilogue I would have liked a bit more story that included those two characters going forward. The ending is just kind of sprung on us and felt a little rushed and incomplete. Maybe if I ask the author nicely will give us a followup novella..PLEASE..with cherries on top??!! All in all, though this book was a cracking good read and gets two solid thumbs up from yours truly.description



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