REVIEW — Dangerous Curves Ahead by Tymber Dalton



Justin Rede has finally graduated and just came out of the closet. Taking a much needed break he heads to Florida to visit his sister Rachel, and her her fiancé, Andrew. Rachel would love nothing more than to convince Justin to make the visit permanent.

In the hopes of getting Justin to stay she introduces him to their kink loving friends. Wade and Glen are newly married and both Doms. They have no qualms playing with a third. Be it in bed or at the club, but it’s always been just for fun.

That is until they lay eyes on Justin. Now both these Doms are playing by new rules. Can they convince Justin to stay and give this threesomne a chance, or will they be left with broken hearts?


This series is a bit hit and miss for me. Usually I’ll read them and not bother leaving a review, but this was one of the betters ones. So I figured what the heck Plus I REALLY wanted to use the above gif (yummy right??)

So onto the review. I enjoyed this one. It was heavier on the sexytimes than previous ones I have read. And those sexytimes were SMOKIN. I loved WADE and GLEN they were hot and sweet together. Glen had a little “daddy” thing going on (HELLO panting like a bitch here) and WADE was Dominant with a capital “D” Justin was also a great character and went with the flow so easily.

Which bring me to why it was just 3 stars. There was ZERO angst in this one Z-E-R-O. Everything just fell into place. Justin’s moving (solved with a job offer) The decision to add Justin as a third (and domestic partner) again, easy as pie. No arguments, no fights, no doubts.

Justin was basically a virgin (to man sex and BDSM) but just went along with EVERYTHING. I don’t know about y’all, but I’d be saying “HOLD THE PHONE” is someone mentioned sticking their fist in my butt after only knowing me a couple days. Then again ain’t NO ONE sticking their fist in my butt even if they’ve known me 50 years…just saying.

That aside though. I DID enjoy it for what it was. It was well written and didn’t bore me, so I am giving it 3 strong stars.


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